The Gov says it’s okay.

Gov. Ed Rendell acknowledged that his state-police chauffeured car sometimes exceeds the speed limit, even though the administration instituted a policy three years ago ordering his drivers to abide by it except in emergencies.

“Sometimes we adhere to the speed limit, sometimes we don’t,” Mr. Rendell said yesterday. “On many of Pennsylvania’s highways, if you adhered to the speed limit, you’d be a safety hazard.”

You guys! Do you realize that we have just been given permission by the Governor of the Commonwealth to speed if we feel we’re a safety hazard?

Floor it!

“I’ve told my troopers that I don’t want them exceeding 80 unless they need to pass or unless there’s some real exigent circumstance,” Mr. Rendell said.

“Exigent circumstances” in this case is probably when Mr. Rendell is trying to get to a very important meeting with some hot sandwiches. You know those cheesesteaks do NOT like to be kept waiting.

So when you’re pulled over and you are asked to hand over your license, registration, and proof of insurance … YOU will hand over your license, registration, proof of insurance, AND a laminated copy of this article.

(thanks, PittCheMBA)


  1. Speedy Delivery
    April 27, 2007 10:27 am

    I was clocked at 122 mph on Rt 80 one night, passing a tractor & trailer combination. What can you say? “Gee, I didn’t realize I was going that fast?” or “Sorry, my contact lens fell out and I was trying to pick it up?”


    I offered the nice police officer a slice of pizza that I picked up at Victory Pig in Wilkes Barre and did my best to explain that those trucks were a menace to the road and it was either pass… or be passed and run off the highway.

    My only saving grace was that a truck was in the right lane, and he would not be able to testify in court that it was me speeding. so I received a ticket for disobeying a sign with a request to “Please slow it down, son.”

    Now I got a whooo-oo-le new excuse, thankyouverymuch Guvnuh!!

  2. Pinto Alegre
    April 27, 2007 11:40 pm

    This is yet another reason why Governor Rendell is an absolute joke and an embarrassment to our commonwealth. Speed limits are there for a reason and should not be publicly mocked by the highest elected official in our state.

    I know that Lynn Swann wasn’t the best candidate to go up against Rendell, but anyone would be better than this joke of a governor we’re stuck with for the next 3 1/2 years.

  3. honda driver
    April 29, 2007 6:55 pm

    hey. i’m ALL about speeding. that’s why i have my honda…80 miles an hour on the freeway and still getting great gas mileage…wonder if i could outrun the gov. in his fancy car.