The rankings.

It seems every day I get an email letting me know of where the Burgh is ranking on the list of the day … seems time to put them all in one place.

We may be stuck in the past, but we’re cool for the future. We’re fat … probably because we love our beer and our Ho Hos … but we’re not angry about it. We hate our dogs, but our city is super livable in … just don’t breathe the air. You might die. Don’t come here to get married because you will probably not have any luck at all. For a dirty-aired city, we’re pretty clean and we’ve got the best art destination in the country, and tons of old people. Lots of those old people like to have lots of sex because for a beer-loving, dog-hating, clean but dirty-aired city, we’re very romantic. And if you like beer, and Ho Hos, art, dirty air, clean streets and hate dogs … then you must be super smart.

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  1. gunn lino
    May 3, 2007 12:22 am

    Ahhh, yeah, sure. What she said.