I’m a REAL boy!

Members also must avoid excessive self-promotion. Personnel references — including “I” and “me” — are limited to an average of eight per page. Only one standalone photo of a congressman is allowed for each mailing. Extra photos must contain other people, and they can’t cover more than 20 percent of a page.

Rep. Vito Fossella, a Republican from Staten Island, N.Y., inadvertently violated that rule last year when one of his mailings included a photo of him with Elmo the Muppet, who, technically, isn’t a person.


1. Lukey could NEVER be a U.S. Representative if he’s not allowed to refer to himself more than eight times in one page.

2. Right now, somewhere on the Sesame Street lot, Elmo is kicking his agent’s ass because first of all, this is negative press and second of all, ELMO IS TOTALLY A REAL PERSON!

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