You heard it here first.

Dear WTAE,

You are welcome.



  1. Anon
    May 10, 2007 12:51 pm

    Come on now PittGirl, You didn’t break that story. did.

  2. pittgirl
    May 10, 2007 12:52 pm

    Well I had no idea. I don’t actually read Mondesishouse. So forgive me.

  3. dano
    May 10, 2007 1:09 pm

    Dont worry about it PG…I can see TAE and Sally saying that they were the first to report it *BREAKING NEWS* and then Sally will getting an interview with the new owner….getting the inside stories on what was left in the glovebox and under the drivers seat

  4. Heidi
    May 10, 2007 1:16 pm

    Anthony got the shaft last week from WDVE and now you’re getting it from WTAE, what gives?

  5. Johnny
    May 10, 2007 2:02 pm

    Turns out that the Denali was owned by Brian Jackson and it just told people that it was Benny’s Denali.

  6. Bob
    May 10, 2007 3:06 pm

    I’m about 95% sure that photo of the lovely young lady whose photo adorns the luke “porn” site is taken from ‘DVE’s MILF contest.

  7. Anthony
    May 10, 2007 6:05 pm

    And Bob, you would know this how? Hmmm? Are you into the MILFs? Hmmm? Huh? Hmmm?