And …………….. DRINK!

Once you read past his gross misuse of the word “repelling” (IT’S RAPPELLING, PEOPLE. If you rappel, you go down the mountain backward, if you repel, you make me sick.) and the fact that Lukey single-handedly brought the $90 million Oak Hill project to fruition, you get this:

In order to keep moving this agenda forward, we will make certain that the implementation of green economic development principles are monitored by a new, full-time staff position with the City’s URA.

Hallelujah. It’s been like more than a week. I was having some withdrawal shakes.



Not a flattering angle, Lukey.

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  1. maverick
    May 20, 2007 10:18 am

    whoa, where’s Lukey’s hair??? he better call Ron Popiel.