But I AM the Mayor!

Liz wrote:

I was in McFaddens after the Friday night baseball game and had to tell the bouncer at the VIP rope that “The Mayor” was trying to get in to the private party. I said, “I think the mayor wants in.” He said, “Who? That is not the mayor.”

He was primping his collar and when his posse showed up I guess they finally convinced the right people that yes indeed this young chap was the mayor, now let him “move forward” and get a “drink”!

And then I turn around and see Jeff Reed in full HAIR!

I emailed Liz for confirmation and more details.  She wrote:

Back in the back there was a private birthday party and an area roped off for the players and he came up to the rope and the bouncer had no clue who he was. I said, ‘I think the Mayor would like to get past the ropes”. Someone finally noticed him and his posse and came up and opened it for him. I had no idea how short he was! I was sooooo tempted to ask him for a pic while holding a napkin that said “I Love PittGirl” but some of his ‘men’ were big!!!!!!!

Probably they wanted to investigate this hoochie mama business a little more closely.

Also? The mayor rolls with a posse? I’d LOVE to know who is in the mayor’s posse.  Jim Motznik?  A posse with Jim Motznik is probably a kickass good time.


  1. Zsa
    May 14, 2007 9:51 am

    The mayor was at Finnigan’s Wake after the opening day game. He had a small “posse” with him, but nothing exciting.

  2. Woy
    May 14, 2007 10:45 am

    Was he wearing that brown suede jacket I’ve seen him wear? He’s such a pimp!