Peduto Schmeduto

I received this in an email from a future friend at the PG who said he thought “politically attuned and poetically inclined” readers of the Burgh Blog would like first crack at it before it is published in tomorrow’s paper:

Be Pittsburgh’s Poet Laureate For a Day!

Starting in the Middles Ages, a poet laureate, appointed by the king, was expected to compose works for grand state occasions.

Pittsburgh today is a more egalitarian place. We invite you to appoint yourself Poet Laureate of Pittsburgh — and write a poem commemorating the May 15 Primary Elections.

The rules:
1) It must rhyme — unlike the stuff professors call “poetry” these days. But that should be easy in an election with names like Ravenstahl, Onorato and Act 1. (Peduto is eligible for rhyming purposes.)

2) It cannot be as long as “The Canterbury Tales” (by Geoffrey Chaucer, an early English poet laureate).

Don’t rest your laurels — the deadline is Thursday at noon. Send by e-mail to or by fax to 412-263-2014. Entries may be dropped off at the Post-Gazette front desk, addressed to “Page 2 Poetry.”

The winners will be published on Friday.

Time to prove that the readers of the Burgh Blog are the wittiest bitches in the Burgh.

Bonus points if you can get any of the following words and phrases printed in the PG:

1. PittGirl

2. “Move Forward”


4. Shat. (ding!)

Go for it. Tell ’em PittGirl sent you and that she is hot.


  1. eag
    May 16, 2007 8:07 am

    The mayor said “move foward” this morning on wpxi. I screamed out loud and woke up my 19 month old… it was my first time hearing the phrase in person. So funny.

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