Random n@.

1.  If you’ve emailed me over the last, oh, three weeks, I swear I’m going to get back to you on it probably today.  My review of all the emails I haven’t responded to is also why this Random n@ is going to be freakishly long.

2.  Reader Toni pointed out this video because one of the construction workers at the Point appears to be wearing a full Steelers helmet.  I can’t tell if it is one of those Steelers hard hats or actually a full helmet.  Either way, that guy rocks.

3.  Reader Caroline wrote me in response to my tattoo post, pointing out a tattoo she got when she lost her hair due to breast cancer treatment.  Feet!  She says it hurt like a mother to get those top feet done, but wanted to give people something to look at if they were going to be staring at her beautiful bald head.  Which is a great idea.  Or you could just always be seen with a fat woman in spandex, because I cannot ever take my eyes off of the horror that is a fat woman in spandex.  ANYWAY!  Go see Caroline’s cool tattoo.

4.   Okay, all of you emailing me the links to how often Mike Tomlin says “move forward” in the hopes that maybe I’ll change the rules to include Mike so that you all can hit the sauce a little more frequently.  Cut it out.  It ain’t happening. (h/t to Heavy T, Johnny, Daniel from Mexico City, vandwagon, Steve!, and tbirdonawire:  now collectively known as “The Lushes”.)

5.   www.lukeravenstahl.com now takes you to a video of a William Shatner roast on ebaumsworld.com.  Don’t ask me what the hell is going on.  I’ve got nada.  This puzzle is more confusing than Lost.

6.  Go help this local blogger find a Ronny Paulino bobblehead, and if you sell her one, please talk some sense into her because as she wrote to me, she is “creepily in love” with him.

7.  The Strip gets noticed … and liked by the Washington Post.  They pretty much mentioned everything awesome about the Strip, except for the fact that DAVID CONRAD LIVES THERE!  (h/t Jess)


  1. Johnny
    May 17, 2007 9:13 am

    YEA! I’m a lush. We should start a band called The Lushes. We can drink onstage (and off). I can play a triangle or a cowbell. I am multi-talented like that.

  2. gunn lino
    May 17, 2007 10:02 am

    Re lovely Ms Carolines item #3;
    While it’s unfortunate she has had to fight the evil that is cancer ( I can say this with aplomb, I am a survivor as are three others who are very close to me ), she has marred the canvas. Others may think it cute or shocking, most however may view it as a sad, weak giving in to a trend. Sorry Ms Caroline, you could have done better.

  3. pittgirl
    May 17, 2007 10:08 am


    I wouldn’t call anyone who survives cancer “sad” or “weak” and I certainly wouldn’t say I was speaking on behalf of “most” people.

    Not in a million.

    May 17, 2007 10:14 am

    PG, thanks for creating a nasty visual to upset my already unhappy stomach (had a few drinks last night). All I can picture is someone like Big Momma jazzercising in her hot pink spandex…Gross!!!

  5. Sofa King
    May 17, 2007 12:05 pm

    Hey, if the tattoos helped bring her some levity in an otherwise trying time, I think that Ms. Caroline made the right choice by getting them done. Plus, they show a sense of humor in the face of adversity, which is always a good quality to have.

    Wow, I don’t know how I slept on that Post article about the Strip District. I guess if I paid my local news 1/10th the attention I pay the Pittsburgh news, I probably would’ve caught it.

  6. Puma
    May 17, 2007 2:04 pm

    Though I did mention William Shatner last week, I can assure all of you that I don’t have that kind of power over http://www.lukeravenstahl.com. If I did, I’d have a live webcam of Dick Skrinjar holding a sign on the Parkway West which says: “Will make shit up for food.”

  7. Ms. Caroline
    May 17, 2007 2:27 pm

    Thank you my dearest PittGirl for including my mail in your post.

    As for “marring the canvas” – I’m not even sure what you mean by that. Who sees the scalp once it’s covered with hair? As it goes once the chemotherapy is over the hair grows back. I now have a full head of curly, shiny, gorgeous black hair and the feet have done what I meant for them to do, vanish.

    Trendy? When was the last time you saw a bald cancer survivor with tattoos on her head? Perhaps I will start a trend! Sad? Weak? HAHAHAHAHA. You call yourself a cancer survivor and have the nerve to say that? Under no circumstances, even Internet anonymity, will I tolerate being called weak. Umm, you’re an asshole? Scratch that question mark. You’re definitely an asshole. :)

    Now, with that being said – it’s my head and I’ll put feet or hands or even a steak (who does that though?) on it if I want!

    Everyone deals with grief differently. I’d do it again. Especially now that I know morons have opinions about it!

    I’ve said it before – Ms. Caroline heart Sofa King!

    May 17, 2007 3:32 pm

    Bravo Ms. Caroline!!!

  9. Carol
    May 17, 2007 8:47 pm

    In response to #2 in Random n@. The Steeler hard hat the guy is wearing is available at Home Depot, no sh*t.