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PittGirl. Pissed.

Some of you may not have been reading the Burgh Blog that long, so let me first refresh your memory by sending you to this post about school administrator Andrew King who was pissed he wasn’t named superintendent of the schools and then sued saying he was passed over for racial discrimination:

Likely the reason Andy didn’t get the job is because the school board didn’t want to deal with the ramifications of hiring him. See, in 2000 Andy was demoted after he was caught having sex with a homeless woman in a vehicle on a dead-end street behind Robert L. Vann Elementary School in the Hill District. He was charged with open lewdness and convicted of disorderly conduct.


Can you hear me now?

Well, looky here:

A school administrator who claims he was wrongfully passed over for superintendent will get a $390,000 settlement from the Pittsburgh Public Schools.


$390,000!!! (I wish you could caps lock numbers, man.)

I am so pissed I am shaking in my high-heeled sandals.

I am so pissed that the next time I see Andrew King lunching at the Rivers Club, I do not care, I will walk up to him and flip his table on him and then let my remote-controlled pigeon peck at his huevos for a while. (You’ll bail me out, right?)

I am so pissed, I just …. Ugh!

Married father.  Has public sex with a homeless hooker behind a kiddie school.  How DARE he not be named superintendent?

That hot chick walking down Grant street, ranting and raving and shaking her fist at the heavens?

Totally me.

David Conrad better call me and calm me down.

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Bam! With french fries on top.

PG writer Dennis B. Roddy has lost his mind.

In writing an article about a lunatic that punched a fast food drive-through worker in Penn Hills, Denny uses all of the following AWESOME lines:

  • A Penn Hills man’s beef with a drive-through clerk at Wendy’s ended in a knuckle sandwich and Penn Hills police promptly served assault charges for dessert.
  • That, according to police, is when Duane L. Williams, 46, gave added new dimensions to the concept of hitting on the waitress.
  • Police say the manager followed the man to his car, got the license plate and ordered up a squad car with a side of prosecution.

Somebody want to take a lit match to Denny’s water cup?  Might be some vodka got thrown in there.


Police initially described Mr. Williams as a man from Penn Hills who lives with his mother.

That?  Makes perfect sense.

(h/t Wrigley Grec)

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Bad juju.

WPXI is holding a contest with Bradley Michael Furniture to make over the Burgh’s ugliest living room.

Some of the living rooms that have been submitted, particularly this one:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure some major crimes have been committed there.

And for sure, some of them don’t need “updated” so much as they just need “cleaned.”

Or this one that doesn’t so much need “cleaned” as much as it needs “cleansed of demons.”

Yikes.  I can’t identify one thing on that table but the can and the candle.  Everything else?  Juju.

And finally, this guy says “white walls/old furniture/need help.”

Damn straight you need help.  You’re a COWBOYS fan.  Juju on you!

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Random n@.

1. Unlike that cutie iJustine, PittGirl will NOT be purchasing an iPhone just yet. The reason for this is that I never am ever the first person to purchase new technology … I’m not usually even in the first MILLION to purchase new technology. I’m a simple girl.

Burghers … I was without cell phone until two years ago; I still don’t have an mp3 player … when I want music I turn on Y108 or throw in my Rascal Flatts CD (hush!); I got a digital camera only a year ago up until which time I was spitting madly at my 35 millimeter Steve who loved to spit film right back at me. Steve died. I killed Steve. Steve is sleeping with the pigeons.

That said, I REALLY REALLY want an iPhone. They’re just so pretty.

These guys are first in line in Pittsburgh.

2. “Ravenac the Magnificent“? Awesome!

3. Lukey is between a rock and hard place. Kill the promotions and he makes some people happy but pisses off the Fraternal Order of the Police who will likely file a lawsuit. Keep the promotions and he will be regularly kicked in the huevos by some women but the FOP will be happy.

Ravenstahl skipped the two-hour session. He declined through a spokeswoman to say where he was.

Yeah, I’d hide too because I have no idea how he should fix this.

4. There are some sick bastards working at Kiss 96.1. Ick.

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Lukey found another index card.

Lukey must have finally found another talking point index card that says something other than “Move Forward.”

  • We, the political leaders, educational institutions, religious leaders, neighborhood organizations, business owners—every Pittsburgher—must rise up together and say, “No More. Not in our streets. Not in our backyards.”
  • Mayor Ravenstahl offered his condolences to the two families and called on people to support each other. “We need to rise up. We need to rally, and we need to take action as was said earlier.”
  • We need to rise up and work together to get past this tragedy,” Ravenstahl said. “I know it’s been a very difficult few days for this community and the entire city.”
  • We’re trying to send a strong message that we’re serious and we’re sick and tired of what has been happening in our communities,” Ravenstahl said. “We need to take action, rise up and make change. This is about more than a press conference. It’s about saving lives.”

I’m not saying it is a drinking game … yet.

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