PittGirl. Pissed.

Some of you may not have been reading the Burgh Blog that long, so let me first refresh your memory by sending you to this post about school administrator Andrew King who was pissed he wasn’t named superintendent of the schools and then sued saying he was passed over for racial discrimination:

Likely the reason Andy didn’t get the job is because the school board didn’t want to deal with the ramifications of hiring him. See, in 2000 Andy was demoted after he was caught having sex with a homeless woman in a vehicle on a dead-end street behind Robert L. Vann Elementary School in the Hill District. He was charged with open lewdness and convicted of disorderly conduct.


Can you hear me now?

Well, looky here:

A school administrator who claims he was wrongfully passed over for superintendent will get a $390,000 settlement from the Pittsburgh Public Schools.


$390,000!!! (I wish you could caps lock numbers, man.)

I am so pissed I am shaking in my high-heeled sandals.

I am so pissed that the next time I see Andrew King lunching at the Rivers Club, I do not care, I will walk up to him and flip his table on him and then let my remote-controlled pigeon peck at his huevos for a while. (You’ll bail me out, right?)

I am so pissed, I just …. Ugh!

Married father.  Has public sex with a homeless hooker behind a kiddie school.  How DARE he not be named superintendent?

That hot chick walking down Grant street, ranting and raving and shaking her fist at the heavens?

Totally me.

David Conrad better call me and calm me down.


  1. TheTruth
    June 29, 2007 12:36 pm


    In the comments section of your 2005 post on Dr. King there was a comment from a person named Luke. It couldn’t have been that Luke, could it PG?

  2. JeepJeep
    June 29, 2007 1:08 pm

    Interesting…I havent seen it in the PG or on the local stations yet…I wonder if we would get Marty “The peoples eyebrow” Griffin on the case?

    Total BS!

  3. PittGirl
    June 29, 2007 1:35 pm

    “The People’s Eyebrow”

    LOVE IT!

  4. Puma
    June 29, 2007 1:38 pm

    This guy is the scum of the earth. I’m sure he has no problem receiving $390,000 from the City Schools budget. Money that he would have used to help educate kids in the city.

    That’s gotta sting him just a little bit. Yeah… probably not.

  5. Lawyers Suck
    June 29, 2007 1:57 pm

    You know who else is scum of the earth? The attorney that helped him get the money. He couldn’t have won the suit without the help of a lawyer.

  6. Big John
    June 29, 2007 2:00 pm

    I thought Ken Rice was “The People’s Eyebrow”.

  7. PittGirl
    June 29, 2007 2:24 pm

    No, he is “The People’s Eyebrows.” :)

  8. Robert
    June 29, 2007 2:42 pm

    One would hope that any future employer of Andrew King will google him, and that The Burgh Blog’s postings will be at the top of the list. I mean, let’s face it. With an ego like King’s, he’s gonna go hunting for another important job. $390,000 after his lawyer takes his cut from the schoolchildren of Pittsburgh, is not going to sustain him in the manner to which he’s become accustomed.

    While flipping over his table and having the PittGirl RoboPigeon snack on his huevos (not much of a meal there, eh?) may be more immediately satisfying, over the long term being dogged by PittGirl with tales of his HAVING SEX WITH A HOMELESS WOMAN IN A VEHICLE BEHIND AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL will be much more productive and satisfying.

  9. Slidetuba
    June 29, 2007 3:23 pm

    Since Dan Savage had his “Santorum” run.. I wonder what would happen if PG made the act of having sex with a homeless hooker near an Elementary School called and “Andy King”? The bastard deserves to be stripped of his certification, just like anyone else who has had any kind of sex crime conviction..

  10. Friday
    June 29, 2007 4:02 pm

    It’s the weekend, wooWOOOO!!!!

    Something smells, and I can’t tell if it is ME or the cat. Hmm.

    Have a great weekend everyone =)

  11. Steve
    June 29, 2007 5:31 pm

    In addition to this terrible settlement he has been doing absolutely nothing and getting paid for it for the past 2 years.

    See if you can wrap you mind around this logic:

  12. plexxer
    June 29, 2007 5:38 pm

    According to the article in the PG, he really only received a settlement of $75K over the “discrimination” lawsuit. The rest was what he was owed from his contract since at least now he won’t be a giant pimple on the face of our education system (in Pittsburgh, at least).

    I know, $75K is too much too, but it was probably cheaper for the board to settle then to keep fighting it. Hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as the Mt. Lebanon Superintendent Fiasco.

  13. silverb
    July 1, 2007 7:06 pm

    It’s easy to ‘settle’ a case when it ain’t yo money!!!
    Now we can add King to those who are taxes support – too numerous to mention specifically but think back burghers.
    If you know the right channels and are willing to be a super jerk who sues even when you know you’re wrong – then you too can can the cash.

  14. Lauren
    July 2, 2007 9:06 am

    Welcome to the state of the legal system today. It is cheaper to settle a 100% baseless claim than to thow hundreds of thousand of dollars at defending the 68 pre-trial stages of a frivilous lawsuit that this freak would pursue.

    Tort reform anyone?

  15. JeepJeep
    July 3, 2007 9:30 am

    HMMM I wonder if a white man could be the leader of the NAACP and then sue for discrimination if he isnt elected?

  16. Jillian
    July 11, 2007 5:00 pm

    Next time you see him, before you punch him, yell “TREE DAY SUSPENSION!!!” (misspelling intended)

    He was one of the vice principals at my high school, and his duties pretty much entailed telling kids “tree day suspension” when they wore a hat indoors or broke other rules.

    They put guys like that in charge of the schools, and they wonder why my generation is so cynical about authority and politics!