Random n@.

1. Unlike that cutie iJustine, PittGirl will NOT be purchasing an iPhone just yet. The reason for this is that I never am ever the first person to purchase new technology … I’m not usually even in the first MILLION to purchase new technology. I’m a simple girl.

Burghers … I was without cell phone until two years ago; I still don’t have an mp3 player … when I want music I turn on Y108 or throw in my Rascal Flatts CD (hush!); I got a digital camera only a year ago up until which time I was spitting madly at my 35 millimeter Steve who loved to spit film right back at me. Steve died. I killed Steve. Steve is sleeping with the pigeons.

That said, I REALLY REALLY want an iPhone. They’re just so pretty.

These guys are first in line in Pittsburgh.

2. “Ravenac the Magnificent“? Awesome!

3. Lukey is between a rock and hard place. Kill the promotions and he makes some people happy but pisses off the Fraternal Order of the Police who will likely file a lawsuit. Keep the promotions and he will be regularly kicked in the huevos by some women but the FOP will be happy.

Ravenstahl skipped the two-hour session. He declined through a spokeswoman to say where he was.

Yeah, I’d hide too because I have no idea how he should fix this.

4. There are some sick bastards working at Kiss 96.1. Ick.

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  1. SeanCollier
    June 29, 2007 9:49 am

    Not Y108! Anything but Y108! Well…I guess you could be listening to Froggy. That would be worse. Wait, does Froggy even still exist?…dang ol’ country, man.