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Who now?

The Des Moines area faces a slow economic decline if it doesn’t filter more money into arts, cultural and regional attractions, the former mayor of Pittsburgh, Pa., said Tuesday.

Tom Murphy visited Des Moines to lend support for the proposed “Yes to Destiny” sales tax that will be considered by voters in Dallas, Polk and Warren counties on July 10.

Sales-tax supporters say Yes to Destiny would sow the seeds for sustained success.

The plan is modeled in part on Pittsburgh’s
. It would raise an estimated $750 million over 10 years.

I don’t profess to be an expert on this city’s fiscal operations, matters, or health, but I am an expert on two things: 1. being hot, awesome, and funny 2. knowing that taking Tom Murphy’s advice on how to keep a city from the brink of economic failure is kind of like asking Jocelyn Wildenstein for advice on reputable plastic surgeons.  NOT A GOOD IDEA.

But what do I know? I’m just hot, awesome, and funny.

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America’s Great Newspaper

Most awesome line you’re going to read in One of America’s Great Newspapers today:

Inmates get sanctioned if they’re caught with their heads in the toilet bowl.

And here you would have thought that putting your head in a toilet bowl would be a punishment and not something for which to be punished.

Do you think Paris Hilton put her head in her toilet bowl?

[smacks herself hard for mentioning She Who Should Never Be Mentioned By Name Again.]

The SECOND most awesome line you’re going to read today:

You always hear about these things happening across the country, but you never think it will happen in your own back yard.

What? A mudslide? A murder? A fire? A kidnapping?

No, a beetle.

He means LITERALLY in your own back yard.

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Random n@.

1. An attempt to out PittGirl (see June 26 entries)… and by “out” I mean “stalk.” (h/t to Eric Heyl, B., and one other reader whose email I can’t find now.)

Also, readers, be mindful that if I am outed I will have to nuke my blog. After I posted lots of embarrassing photos of the person that outed me.

2. A video of one of the promoted officers (I’m told) getting a bit pissy. That’s not police brutality. THAT’S police brutality. (h/t DW) And I’m sorry, but those bike riders come across as VERY annoying.

3. Another attempt to out PittGirl:

Video cameras scattered throughout Downtown and other neighborhoods would eventually be linked in a surveillance network, under a proposal by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr.

A week ago, the city sent 21 security companies an outline of a plan to cast a video surveillance web from Downtown to high-crime neighborhoods, and maybe beyond.

They’re going to be combing through hours and hours of video looking for a drunk hot girl kicking a pigeon while making out with David Conrad.

4. Some planning members that voted for King Kong’s sign:

Two other members, Barbara Mistick and Todd Reidbord, also voiced support for the proposal.

“I do think it continues to add to our skyline,” Ms. Mistick said.

Mr. Reidbord said the commission was “mandated” to approve the sign given the zoning law.

“I think it’s a good sign. I like the sign. I think it does give a vitality to Pittsburgh. I think that’s what we need. We need to look forward,” he said.

Adds WHAT to our skyline? Light pollution? Yeah, that’s soooo pretty!

In what way does a sign atop a skyscraper have ANYTHING to do with a city’s vitality?

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Pittsburgh 1, King Kong 2

The Pittsburgh Planning Commission today reversed itself and approved the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s request to install a sign atop the U.S. Steel Tower in Downtown Pittsburgh, where it is relocating its headquarters.

The vote was 6-1 in favor, with one abstention. Two weeks ago, the request was defeated in a 3-3 vote.

What is this?  Official Flip Flop Day in the City of Pittsburgh?

If any of you have any doubt at all that King Kong has far-reaching power that extends to every inch of this city and its leaders, come here so I can smack you around a little bit.

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Roam if you want to …

An email:

There’s been a burst of publicity lately about JetBlue needing better support in Pittsburgh.

Airfare to NYC and Boston have plummeted since JetBlue entered the market last year (cheap enough for a fun weekend, even!) So, I thought you, and your fans, might be interested in the “Buy One, Get One” sale that JetBlue announced today. Details are here, but in summary, buy a ticket between now and Saturday midnight and get a ticket for a future flight (to the West Coast, to the Caribbean, anywhere JetBlue flies) free.

I’m calling this to your attention because as I’ve said before — and it still amazes me — I consider you an opinion leader among the young demographic that loves David Conrad, hates pigeons, and gives thanks that the Homestead Grays bridge is now open.

Ken Zapinski
Allegheny Conference

Wow. I checked it out. You can buy some cheapo flight to say NYC for next weekend for two people for about $300.00 total after taxes and everything, and then you would get two free tickets to ANYWHERE including Cancun, Bermuda, Aruba, Puerto Rico.

THAT is a good deal, Burghers.

Go support JetBlue. Tell them PittGirl sent you and that she leaves for Cancun, Mexico on July 15.

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