Random n@.

1. It is a rainy drizzly morning in the Burgh, and I for one am loving it. Don’t stone me or anything, but somewhere deep deep down in my cute little soul, I’m kind of ready for Fall. [ducks]

2. You guys need to go watch the video of the little wiener doggie in the wheelchair as he tried to run the race at Kennywood. Watching him cart his lifeless hind legs to the finish line made me cry a little. Cry!!! Very seriously it must be that time of month because I am CRYING OVER A DISABLED WIENER DOG!

3. Sportsocracy is putting together a celebrity blogger fantasy football thingy. Oh, come on now. You know I’m winning that bad boy. Brackets I don’t get, but FOOTBALL? Mine.

4. Holy crap! I am never swimming again.

5. If you haven’t gotten downtown to see the lights exhibit happening in the evening, here’s a little peek on YouTube. We should have this year-round.

It’s that awesome.

6. That Benny post is now up to almost 340 comments. I must say it again. I need minions like that.


  1. Ruby Vroom
    July 5, 2007 10:20 am

    I think it’s hilarious that your blog has been co-opted (at least one page of it) as a place for women to go on and on about their love for Benny. Rather ironic, isn’t it? Of course, there’s nothing funnier than reading the comments on HIS website forums about his personal life. Apparently the discussions have gotten so heated that one of the site rules is that they’re not aloud to talk about who he’s dating. And, some of the people who post there are such brown nosers about following the rule that they totally go off on anyone who dares speculate on his precious personal life. It’s like some of them think that the one who follows the site rules most closely will win a dream date. Awesome.

    July 5, 2007 11:41 am

    How pathetic, I actually feel kinda bad for those delusional psychos :)…

  3. Pat
    July 5, 2007 1:39 pm

    Thank you, Pat’s friend Jeremy, for providing the fodder for such awesomeness.

  4. Bram R
    July 5, 2007 5:50 pm

    He’s just like L’il Brudder … he can make it on his own!

  5. SportyGal85
    July 7, 2007 9:11 pm

    No, you see that Benny section is the place where bored Steelers fans like myself who DON’T kiss Ben’s ass or fantasize incessantly about his pickle (seriously, on some sites they even look for glimpses of its silhouettes in pictures) can chat until football season starts. Benny’s true, hardcore minions pretty much stick to the fan forums, though the more levelheaded ones join in here when the brown-nosing becomes unbearable, because God forbid you should express a critical, no scratch that —neutral— opinion about Benny on those other sites.

  6. IslandGirl
    July 10, 2007 2:04 am

    There are more psychos on Ben’s forum than anywhere else in the world.

    Many of who already have their wedding dress and patterns picked out.