Random n@.

1. While nobody was looking, WQED underwent an overhaul of image. I kinda like it! Loving the new Q. Very soothing. Very relaxing. The “changing lives” I thought might be a bit much, but then I realized that without Mister Rogers, Electric Company, and Anne of Green Gables (that Gilbert was soooo hot) my life would not be as awesome as it has been.

2. An email from reader plexxer:

While groggily listening to the KDKA news team around 6AM this morning discussing the signing of Troy, I heard Jim Lokay mention how happy that would make their “favorite local blogger PittGirl”. Just thought it’d bring a smile to your day to know you were mentioned by, well, pseudonym. :)

Reader Bill wrote:

You got a mention on the air this morning on the KDKA morning news. They had been discussing Troy’s new contract with Larry Richart and John Schumway and Jim Lokay said that his favorite blogger “The Burgh Blog” would be thrilled that Troy would be around for 5 more years and Sonni Abbata said “Yeah, PittGirl!!” How cool is that??

Awesome! Next time though, Sonni and Jim, please refer to me by my official title, “PittGirl, the future best friend of David Conrad.” Thanks!

3. Bob Bruce falls asleep on air and PittGirl almost dies laughing. DIES, I tell you! How the hell do you fall asleep on air?!  Looks like SOMEBODY’S been playing the “Move Forward” game a little too much.

4. A little David Conrad for your iPod. Do you want to know just HOW pro-Pittsburgh David Conrad is? During our lunch he told me that his family has since moved away. The boy has NO family here, yet he continues to live here. I had assumed he stayed here because he had a family connection, but that is not so. How awesome is that? Way.


  1. Denise
    July 24, 2007 4:59 pm

    Thanks (as always) for the David Conrad tidbit; does he have
    a desire to run for mayor? I am thinking you would
    make a wonderful campaign manager!!

  2. debb
    July 24, 2007 7:54 pm

    I have to admit I’m not familiar with David Conrad. Who is he and why should I know him? Anyway, I clicked on the link and the photo looks like Howard K. Stern to me. Just thought you’d want to know.