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Finally, after two years of stupid searches like “Luke Ravenstahl Shirtless” (Why?  For the love of God, WHY!?!) and “Sonni Abatta Fat” (Yeah, right) or “Jim Motznik is hot” (Hah!) FINALLY someone gets it right:

Also?  Is there some condom commercial out there featuring a stressed-out Sidney Crosby?!

Too great not to post.

Sorry guys, but this is a beefcake MUST-POST.


(Hat tip to NYLovesPitt)

PittGirl mines Craigslist … because it BEGS me to.

I’m sorry.  I’m not trying to rag on lame Burghers all the time, but as a regular peruser of Craigslist, I cannot help it that these people are just baiting me with this shit.  I gotta share.  I’m like that.

1.  I have never in my life heard the word “snooties” (is that redneck speak?) and ladies, this fish NEEDS to be the one that you throw back in and “let it get away.”

2.   On one hand I’m all, “At least he’s upfront in telling us he’s been a druggie, in jail, has no wheels, etc.”  But on the other hand, I’m all, “Whoa!  Too. Much. Information.”  Who answers a Craigslist ad from a former drug addict/convict with no car?

3 .  And who answers a Craigslist ad from a guy that admits he can “be a real asshole”?!  WTF is wrong with these guys?  “Hmm, what should I write?  My personality traits?  What I’m looking for in a woman? How awesome I am?  Nah, let’s go with ‘drug addicted former convict who sucks at love and can be a real asshole.’  THAT’LL get ’em writing me!”

4. Then again, this chick isn’t much better.  “I’m mean.  I’m soooo mean.  I can’t understand why no one loves me.”  Wah-wah wah.

5.   I bet this guy has killed before.  He’s kind of awesome, though.  He’s like Denis Leary if Denis Leary forgot to take his meds.

6.   Ugh.  I have to believe any woman that responds to this ad is just hoping to find someone she can beat the shit out of.

7.  “This is me.  This is my ass next to my guitar.  Yummy for you.”

8  Wow.  I bet this woman’s inbox is flooded with guys who just want a picture of what she claims are the “biggest boobs you’ve ever seen in your life.”  As of this writing, THESE are the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen in my life (TOTALLY safe for work.  Promise).

9.  If you REALLY need to see some boob-action, can I suggest Zenith on the South Side on August 15?

Scary shit.

An enterprising Burgher has combined a bunch of Burghy t-shirt designs from CafePress and put them on one site called Shirts-n-At.

While browsing, I noticed this one:

Goodness, if you’re going to sell a Pittsburgh shirt, the least you can do is spell the name right. And don’t be telling me it was misspelled intentionally because it is on a baby shirt. What the hell kind of baby knows to put an apostrophe in the “it is” contraction but can’t put the “h” in Pittsburgh?

Also, where’s the baby shirt that says, “I cry when the Steelers mascot looks at me. That is some scary shit. Speaking of shit, have you checked my diaper lately?”

Random n@.

1. The Staal brothers got arrested in freakin’ Minnesota where they were attending what seems to be one rowdy-ass bachelor party. Jordan got arrested for underage drinking (WHEN are they going to lower the drinking age in America? My God, if you can die for your country you should at least be able to drink legally before you go off to war.)
His lawyer, a genius, said:

“It’s nothing,” Curran said. “It’s ridiculously nothing. Eric and Jordan and [their brother] Marc had gone to bed.”

Heh. Yes, the cops went into bedrooms and woke sleeping people to arrest them for disturbing the peace with loud behavior. Man, those Staal brothers must snore like rocket boosters.

I bet the Staal brothers are SUPER fun to hang out with, eh?

2. Somehow, probably because I’m a bad bad parent, I missed my blog’s second birthday earlier this month. The Burgh Blog is now two-years-old. Here’s hoping it doesn’t start throwing its milk at me because I forgot to CUT THE CRUST OFF OF THE GRILLED CHEESE, DAMN IT!

3. Those celebrity ties? Yeah, Lukey’s sold for a whopping $30! Go Lukey! Move forward with yo bad self.

Dan Onorato’s went for $50, Bob zzzz Casey’s for $40, Kevin McClatchy’s for $30, and Bob Nutting’s went for a whopping $21.

4. You need to read this and if you don’t laugh, take a good long look at yourself and ask “Why am I so dead inside? Does Bob Nutting have something to do with this?” Also, I fully expect a Carbolic entry along the lines of “Mayor hires efficiency expert who promptly eliminates his own position.”