A burning sensation.

If this was one of those sites that regularly had “Caption This” contests, I just want you to know that the winning entry for this photo:

would be, “Proof that Paris Hilton will hump just about ANYTHING.”

Steely McBeam attended the PG’s United Way Kickoff.  You can see lots of pictures of the giantest vacuum of suck EVER here.


  1. chrys
    September 19, 2007 1:09 pm

    ummm.. yuk!

  2. PGMan
    September 19, 2007 1:35 pm

    Hey now! I KNOW that chick. Never that way though, guess I’m not Steely enough. LOL


  3. Sofa King
    September 19, 2007 1:41 pm

    What’s with picture #57- a dragonfly on some dude’s Ward jersey- is that really worth documenting?

    I’m coming back for the game this weekend, so keep an eye out for Steely. He’ll have his trademark beam with him, except it’ll be graffitied with “SK was here” on it and will be lodged tightly up his big, yellow ass.

  4. Greg
    September 19, 2007 1:43 pm

    I bet the executive who thought the Steelers needed a mascot is still getting his or her ass chewed out on a daily basis. Steely McBeam has to be the worst advertising campaign in the history of Pittsburgh Steelers football.

    The caption on this picture should be “tequila shots once again proving everyone can get laid”.

  5. parking chair
    September 19, 2007 3:41 pm

    He sure is good about letting people handle his beam.

    How I yearn for the day I hear the person inside that costume begging “don’t tase me, bro”!

  6. The Bag of Health and Politics
    September 19, 2007 5:20 pm

    Great, now I have two really bad images in my mind, that woman jumping onto some foam creation, and the notion of “professional vaginas,” which I got from a book I’m reading. (No, it’s not prostitutes).

  7. Gunn Lino
    September 19, 2007 8:41 pm

    We need to see photos of Steely with screaming, frightened children published in one of Americas great newspapers, then maybe Steelys sorry ass will be retired forever

  8. Susanne
    September 20, 2007 7:57 am

    “Oh Steely, Can you save me from the mean old press? Would you like to be one of my back up dancers? Those bitches conspired against me and ruined my performance!
    You will be my friend wont ya Steely? Do you baby sit?
    Love Brittany

  9. DW
    September 20, 2007 10:03 am

    I think she’s gettin’ her wagon fixed

  10. TC
    September 20, 2007 3:59 pm

    There is a “furry” joke lurking somewhere here, I can feel it.

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