Random n@.

1. Sorry for two “Random n@” posts in a row, but yesterday was a slow news day and to top it off, I came down with an earache of epic proportions. If this is a brain eating amoeba I will die, you hear me? Just. Die.

2. Nothing makes me want to bust a cap in my own ass more than driving the Parkway East in the morning. That shit is ridiculous.

3. A Craigslist goody:

I’m too sexy for my red popsicle, my red popsicle, my red popsicle. I’m too sexy. I’m too sexy for the pink doll house in the background, the pink doll house in the background, pink doll house in the background. So sex-ay!

Say what you will about the guy, but I bet his sense of humor kicks all sorts of ass.

4. You can expect a press release from Mark DeSantis by the end of the day that says, “If I was Mayor, I would never drive anywhere ever in a city vehicle and if I did, I certainly would never ever leave it messy. No, instead I would take the car to be detailed before returning it back to the city. Every time. In fact, I would make it a law that every city vehicle should be equipped with battery-operated Dust Busters that I will purchase with my own money. P.S. Luke Ravenstahl sucks.”

5. Found another one: “non-story“. Dudes, it’s a drinking game!!!

6. In case you need more proof that the media is obsessed with the Steelers, yesterday WTAE I think it was, did a brief story on the fact that Pitt’s Swiss room or club or something or other named Ben Roethlisberger an honorary member. Because you know, he’s Swiss. Intriguing news! The best part was that the file footage they showed during the story was of Benny throwing an end-zone interception. Swear to God. Awesome.


  1. Gunn Lino
    October 3, 2007 9:28 am

    Putting Lukeys lack of good sense aside, the underlying story here is the “mobbed up” mentallity of the P.D. and the Chiefs politics regarding hammering Sgt Wallace. That old BS about the chain of command has its time and place, but Sgt Wallace knew saying something about the mayors use of the vehicle would go nowhere on the inside of the PD, and Sgt Wallace would have committed political suicide making noise on the inside.

  2. bucdaddy
    October 3, 2007 10:20 am

    “The mayor had no knowledge of what that vehicle was for or how it was paid for …” He just took it anyway because … he can. I wonder how my neighbors would feel if I did that?

  3. NoSide15212
    October 3, 2007 10:40 am

    Whaaaa? What is PittGirl doing on the Parkway?? PittGirl doesn’t live in the City? Maybe you should change your name to GreaterJeannetteIrwinGreensburghNorth HuntingtonAreaGirl. C’mon GJIGNHAGirl –hot, smart, hot, funny, & hot —you need to pack up your Honda and move your ass into the City. Then someone ELSE (dramatic pause) can bust a cap in your ass: