Your weekend plans.

What are you guys doing this weekend? Wait. No. What I meant to say is let me tell you what you guys are doing this weekend.

First, tonight, you’re going to head to the Harris Theatre to catch In Service.

In Service is a multi-media production detailing the experiences in first-person of Iraqi war veterans from Pittsburgh. The trailer is absolutely intriguing and I encourage you to watch it.

Now here’s the deal. This war is controversial. The Burgh Blog is not. The Burgh Blog rocks. Yo. This production is reportedly historical and not political (if I find it to be political, there’s a few people’s whose asses I’m going to kick.)

That said, your opinion on the war should have absolutely no bearing on your willingness to listen to every story a soldier will tell … stories from those soldiers that support the war and stories from those soldiers that question it.

Your opinion on the war should have absolutely no bearing on your willingness to listen to their stories of the desert, the heat, the fear, the pride, the fight, and the sacrifice.

That’s why I’ll be seeing In Service.

Then tomorrow?


Adventureland is casting extras at Kennywood tomorrow and Sunday. Adventureland is being directed by the same guy that directed Superbad and is set in 1987. That means if you want to be in the movie, you need to get some 80’s gear together.

Adventureland stars Ryan Reynolds. You’ll be on a movie set with this fine piece of ass. (Do you think it objectifies men when I refer to them as fine pieces of ass? Deal with it. It’s not like I get mad when someone calls me a fine piece of ass.)

Go here to read everything you need to know.

Also? I bet when the producers were trying to figure out where to film Adventureland, they asked, “What city can we film in that would get us hundreds of extras that would not have to dig that far down to find their 80’s wardrobe?”

Pittsburgh! Bust out the AquaNet, baby!

(h/t Julie Gong)


  1. chrys
    October 5, 2007 9:26 am

    You definitely don’t have to look to far to find the 80s alive and well in our city..LOL! That picture just gave me a jolt. I remember homecoming 1987.. my cute little polka dot mini skirt outfit and doing THAT to my hair. I “painted” my teased to the max bangs (bangs!?) the hot pink that matched my polka dots. Not easy to see since I am a I just used a lot of it. LOL! I didn’t get the concept that less is more.

  2. NoSide15212
    October 5, 2007 9:46 am

    Guess it’s time to throw a coat of wax on the old Fiero…

  3. Trish
    October 5, 2007 6:33 pm

    Ew, do you really want Alanis Morrisette’s sloppy seconds, no matter how smoking that body is?