Random n@.

1. From today’s Cat’s Call as Cat responds to a letter from a girl who is grossed out that her friend tongue-kisses her boyfriend all the time right in her face:

Oh-My-Gawd! Tongues in mouths? Stop the presses, we’ve got a situation here. Despite whatever awkwardness you feel about their tongues, kissing is hardly “serious PDA.” I agree that huge, messy (i.e. bad) kissing is unappetizing to view close-up, but you can’t tell her to stop kissing her boyfriend. Hey, better their tongues are in their mouths as opposed to somewhere else.

Cat! This is a FAMILY newspaper! Geez.

2. The Onion jumps on the Sid is the Savior of Hockey Bandwagon. (h/t somebody whose email I deleted. Sorry!)

3. Reader Stonebro wrote:

From a Snapple lid:

“Real Fact #125”: Pigeons have been trained by the U.S. Coast Guard to spot people lost at sea.

What do they do once they find those people? Fly down low, buzz them, then shit on their hair?

4. Both Steely McBeam and Skippy Skeeve (Hello, Jeff Reed’s new nickname!) are both contestants in the Deadspin Sports Human of the Year award race. Steely is losing his round 1 matchup, and so is Skippy Skeeve.

(h/t Ex-Pat Pittsburgh Girl)

5. Craigslist goodies! Yay!


  1. Rachel
    November 28, 2007 12:07 am

    When I read “stash,” and then looked at the ad, I was like, “wait…I don’t see anything about his porno collection.”

    And then I laughed.

  2. chrys
    November 28, 2007 8:50 am

    HAHAHAHAH!! I swear the guy with the “stash” looks like my math teacher from middle school!!

  3. Me
    November 28, 2007 9:14 am

    1. Totally. Cannot. Stand. Her.

    4. Made the mistake of clicking on the link referencing “kicker dong.” — My eyes! My eyes!

  4. Zsa
    November 28, 2007 11:02 am

    #1: Zsa’s Call: Lose the hat, Cat.

    #5: An ex from high school’s email address is something along the lines of “psycho69@hotmail” and he didn’t understand why I didn’t want to stay in contact. Yipe.

  5. dolores doom
    November 28, 2007 11:50 am

    pittgirl, what really is your fascination w/ crosby? hes rather ugly.

  6. Rachel
    November 28, 2007 12:48 pm

    dolores doom – Have you seen him in person? He’s rather NOT ugly. In fact, I’d say he’s rather TO DIE FOR.

    Oh, and he’s sweet as candy. And oh, his hockey ain’t bad.