Save Kennywood. Screw the cheerleader.

I’ve been SO enjoying reading the comments from all the Burghers up in arms about the sale of Kennywood to Parques Reunidos. Some that made me spew coffee.

From Kim in Lower Burrell:

you know… the new kennywood outfit you carefully pick for yourself and your family, the excitement each year, the family feeling of knowing this is a homegrown area park….

Seriously? Like totally serious? People buy new outfits just to wear to Kennywood?! I had no idea. I think I must have been poor growing up because Kennywood Day was “wear what’s clean” day, too.

Here’s someone else that seems to have read Hyperbole for Dummies. Jason in Munhall:

I would just like you to know that due to this sale not only will I never step foot in the any of the Kennywood family parks again but I will never look and feel the same way I did either.

He’s never going to look the same again? What, did his face freeze like that? Has he beat himself about the face with a hammer? Has he broken out in hives from the hyperbole? WHAT?!

From the PG forums:


— Dorothy Vicetic

Yes, Dorothy, this is America. Granted we are all perfectly sane to question whether or not this company is going to continue the traditions we have come to love at Kennywood, I can assure you that you, Dorothy, still live in the United States of America … you know … that melting pot founded by, freed by, explored by, and grown by (gasp!) foreigners! Holy shit! The world. It is ending.

Another sad example of our county and our livelihood being sold, don’t complain when are no longer the United States Of America!!!

— Kirsten E Forbes, Dravosburg

Yes. YES, Kirsten! That’s what the evil foreigners are thinking: First Kennywood … then THE USA! Mwah-hahah! Let’s start a petition: Screw the Cheerleader. Save Kennywood. Save the USA.

I think we have enough people in this country owning businesses that treat the American people like crap.

Absolutely! It’s not like there are American companies treating foreign workers like crap, right?

Kennywood — when you hear that name you think of Fun and Hometown America! Now it will be foreign-run and as everything else; workers and owners will not speak English. Sad, actually!

Sharon Price, Pittsburgh

Damn. I hope that kid Joe that pushes the big lever that makes the Jack Rabbit go is brushing up on his Espanol.

I think Still A. Fan said it best in the comments:

first we’ll rage a little bit and then we’ll settle down and be logical. aren’t you a steeler’s fan? you should know the drill.

Word. Just maybe, some Burghers need to hurry up and get past the rage stage and on to the “be a little LOGICAL, please” stage.


Also see The Burgh Report’s writeup on some comments.


  1. The Duke from Dukes Court
    December 13, 2007 2:41 pm

    I can’t believe you have never heard of Kennywood outfits? Every year the kids at school would wear their favorite clothes to Kennywood, it was a big deal.

    Isn’t it ironic that Kennywood’s water park, Sandcastle, sells beer, but Kennywood doesn’t?

    Drunk people + a wave pool + water slides = high potential for serious accidents.

    I worked as a lifeguard at Sandcastle for a couple of summers and I had to save a few drunk people.

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