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Snow 1: Lukey 1

In a surprising comeback after an easy defeat a week or so ago, Snow kicked Lukey’s ass in today’s second battle in the War on Snow.

I left Oakland at 3:40 p.m. today and I got home less than 20 miles away at 5:40 p.m.

And I didn’t see a salt truck/snow plow until I hit Westmoreland County.


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Don’t cry for me, Pittsburgh.

Atlanta is abuzz over the acquisition of one Colby Armstrong.

From an article entitled “New Thrasher sad about leaving Sidney Crosby, Penguins“:

Yes, there were tears. The Penguins were the only organization Colby Armstrong ever knew after being Pittsburgh’s first-round draft pick in 2001.

“I was shocked and saddened to leave my friends,” Armstrong said. “I’d been there for so long. … I was a little emotional. I’m not big on change. I keep my equipment until it falls apart. I keep everything, and I felt comfortable.”

He had bought a house. His girlfriend is from Pennsylvania. He doesn’t know when he’ll see his two dogs again now that he’s living in a hotel. And he was leaving his closest friends.


“As these last two days have gone along, he’s starting to forget about Pittsburgh and really starting to embrace the change,” Christensen said.

It started when Mark Recchi picked up the two for practice Wednesday and they got to meet their new teammates. Then Recchi handed them the keys to his truck and suggested they explore the city.

“I called my girlfriend and said, ‘Hands down, it’s better shopping than Pittsburgh,’ ” Armstrong said.

By the time Thursday’s morning skate was over, Armstrong no longer referred to the Thrashers as “they” as he had shortly after the trade. He joked that he dug the logo and team colors.

Were that Pittsburgh was that easy to forget.  We all know it’s not, but I’m happy to see Colby making the best of this.

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Random n@.

1.  If you’d like to hear some of the best of Myron Cope, this site kicks all sorts of ass.

2.   Asylum is holding a hottest newscaster in the country contest and guess which local newscaster is in the finals along with the likes of Jillian Barbarie and Soledad O’Brien.

Sonni, you say?  No.

Wendy, you ask pleadingly? No.

Alison Morris.

That’s right.  Good ole’ Alison Morris.

She’s kind of lagging behind with only 2% of the vote.

Put aside whatever feelings you have of Sonni or Wendy being dissed.  I say we support the local girl — the HOT local girl and work to vote her to at least the top third of the list.  Because let’s be honest, our ivy-league educated, adorably hot Alison Morris is NEVER going to beat the Cleavage of Spellbinding Intoxication of Barbara Bermudo.

Also, Jim Lokay, you need to supply them with the better picture they currently seek.

(h/t Anonymous)

3.  Sometimes justice wins:

Despite a tearful apology yesterday to a judge and a final plea for mercy, former City Councilwoman Twanda D. Carlisle was ordered to serve her sentence for corruption in a state penitentiary.

And sometimes justice loses:

Former state Rep. Frank LaGrotta is eligible for an estimated pension of $48,000 despite his guilty plea earlier this month for hiring ghost employees for his legislative office.

Someone please explain to me why Twanda lost her pension but Frank keeps his?  Why Twanda is serving her time in the state pen but Frank is serving his at his home probably spending his days eating Sun Chips and watching soap operas.

Are they not guilty of essentially the same crime, that is stealing from the taxpayers?  Does this mean if Twanda had committed her crimes while serving as a state representative rather than a city councilwoman, that she would be seeing no jail time and would still have her pension?  Did I miss something?  Probably I did.

(h/t Puma)

4.   Reader Glen linked me to this site and boy does it rock!  Generate your own church signs!

Glen did this one for me:

And here are mine:

They sure do, church sign.  Because Satan is calling them home.

5.  Pirates win!!!  Pirates win!!!!

(h/t Woy)

6.  Marian Hossa was injured last night in his debut with the Pens, just as Kris Beech was injured in his return to the Pens.  Is there a curse upon us, suddenly?!  Also, the Pens were SPANKED last night.  Spanked, I tell you.

7.  Harpsichord, bagpipes, bongos and scripture.  Every girl’s dream date. No lie.

(h/t Rick)

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Yeah, like that’ll happen.

I have wasted many an hour, enough hours that they surely add up to days, weeks, perhaps months, sitting in the slow, fiery hell that is the Parkway East.

I hate, loathe, seethe at the Parkway East. I wish it ill. I evil eye it and spit upon it every chance I get. If I were to ever find myself walking on the Parkway East, I would dig my heels in mercilessly and curse vehemently the godforsaken stretch of road.

Reader Patrick recently emailed me a handy list of how to drive in Pittsburgh and this one particularly struck me between my eyeballs:

2. The morning rush hour is from 5:00 am to noon. The evening rush hour is from noon to 7:00 pm. Friday’s rush hour starts on Thursday morning.

That’s church.

Prior to his promotion to the cushiest job in the history of cushy jobs, my father and I carpooled to town every day. We did our damnedest to avoid all traffic, but seriously, this is Pittsburgh. Avoiding traffic is like trying to avoid pigeons. Not. Possible.

We had many discussions on how we would alleviate the hell of the Parkway East if we were ever given the chance. We discussed adjusting the yields, annihilating the assholes who cannot merge, giving up on the Mon Fayette Never Ever Happening Expressway. We discussed the losers who slam on their brakes at the mouth of the tunnel as if they just realized they were driving into the ocean. We discussed blowing the mountain up to remove the tunnels completely, the people living on the mountain be damned. These are trying times. Sacrifices must be made.

I remember one particularly bad day on the Parkway after my father and I were no longer carpooling. I left work at 5:00 p.m. and while sitting in a traffic jam surely borne of Satan, Delilah After Dark came on my radio. Delilah After Dark starts at 7:00. I was pissed. I was shaking. When I was finally freed of the Parkway, I slammed my foot on the accelerator and did maneuvers that would have made Danica Patrick stand up, take notice, and say, “She’s a really shitty driver.”

I couldn’t even make it to my place one mile from my parent’s house. Their house was closer and wine lived there. I stalked into their house, past my father sitting down doing a crossword puzzle, past my mother standing in her kitchen drinking a cup of coffee asking me sweetly if I’d like dinner, to the wine bottle I knew would be sitting on the counter and gulped it with shaking hands.

There are two things that will drive me to drink. Lukey and the Parkway East.

Having said all of this, check this out:

Now the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has a plan: Build elevated toll lanes over part of the Parkway East between Downtown and Monroeville. “It’s an idea, that’s all,” turnpike commission Chief Executive Officer Joe Brimmeier said.

It is an idea. It is an idea like every other idea that has never come to fruition.

But PittGirl has already resigned herself to this very real fact: By the time they figure out a way to alleviate the traffic on the Parkway East, there will be flying cars, and I will fly my car in a way that would make Danica Patrick stand up, take notice, and say, “She’s a REALLY shitty flier.”

Kiss my ass, Parkway East.

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Pittsburgh is the new LA.

Another movie will be filmed in the Burgh this spring, this one produced by DreamWorks.

The company expects to begin shooting a romantic comedy entitled “She’s Out of My League” on March 31, with production scheduled to wrap up at the end of May.  Produced by Pittsburgh native Jimmy Miller, the film is slated to star Jay Baruchel, perhaps best known for a supporting role in the Judd Apatow-produced comedy “Knocked Up”, and Alice Eve as the “perfect 10” he pursues.

I LOVED Jay Baruchel in Numb3ers so I’m totally stalking his ass and if he’s worthy, self-uniting him, too.

See how adorable he is?

As for Alice Eve, who I have never heard of before today:

I guess she’s stalk-able. What do you boys think?

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