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Say what?

My birthday gift to you, especially to the youse that are newer to the blog and occasionally find yourself asking, “What the hell language is she speaking?!”

The PittGirl Lexicon has been added as a page and you can get to it by clicking way up there on top of the banner all the way to the right.

Or, if you’re super lazy, by clicking here.

If you’ve got suggestions for words or phrases I’ve left out, let a bitch know.

Sonni says …

Original image here at the morning crew’s blog, if you’d like to see her all the way down to her hot knees.

I bet she’d be fun to watch a game with.  And hot.

(h/t Bobby and Mysterious M)

Random n’at.

1. This morning I stopped by Get-Go to use my last ever fuel perks from Giant Eagle, because as I said, I am never going in an Iggle again for as long as I live. I had ten cents off per gallon and filled up my SUV to the tune of fifty-two dollars. That’s the most it has ever cost me.

Wanna hear something funny? When I went to college in Texas, and again, this wasn’t THAT long ago, one of my sisters (Tina Fey) and I were driving from here to Texas, or maybe it was from Texas to Florida or Texas to Arizona. I don’t remember. Anyway, we were driving our little car and were running out of gas and in the middle of nowhere (there is A LOT of Nowhere in the south) there was a gas station on a hill and that dude was trying to sell gas for $1.35 a gallon! We were like [gasp!]. Crazy dude. Who is going to pay that much for gas?

Now, I’d give my left yellow wedge peekaboo sandal for $1.35/gallon gas.

The times are crazy.

2. This little trip down MY GOD, PITTGIRL IS OLD lane is brought to you by my birthday today. I can’t decide if I’m all this:

Or this:

Or this:

So I decided to be this:

Much better that way.

3. The story is no longer Lukey and his security and his brothers going to Detroit. The story is that Lukey blew off a Memorial Day event in which he was on the agenda. A second hockey game … honoring dead men and women who died for their country … a second hockey game … honoring dead men and women who died for their country. I can see how the scale tipped to hockey on that one.

Not good, Lukey.

Also, Rachel wrote:

I’m watching Oprah, when a preview for Channel 4 Action News pops on, interviewing Lukey, on which he said, “I didn’t want to take one. He *made* me.”

Please. Someone get him a pacifier.

You must watch the video for two things:

  • Look how PISSED he looks. And off guard.
  • Is his chin quivering?!

Being Mayor is so gosh darn hard.

4. A free mattress guaranteed to bring you all of your dreams, including your dream of a threesome.

Yay, you.

(h/t Robert)

5. Today, and FOR TODAY ONLY, I love The Duke.

Seconds after 14-year-old Akeem Havens said he hoped to meet Ben Roethlisberger, the Pro Bowl quarterback walked into the media room at the Steelers’ South Side facility on Thursday.

With a black playbook in his hand and a perturbed look on his face, Roethlisberger said to his newest teammate, “Hey, what’s going on here? We don’t have time for this. We have practice. Are you ready to practice?”

“Let’s go,” Havens said with a smile.

It was one of the highlights in a day filled with them for Havens, who since a car wreck at age 7 has been a quadriplegic and has experienced kidney failure.

“The smile on (Havens’) face is so amazing,” Roethlisberger said. “To think his one wish is to come hang out with us is touching, because so many days we don’t want to be here, and he wants to be here. It puts things in perspective. It’s just awesome to be able to help him out.”

6. Could someone take this article and wallpaper the Penguins locker room with it? Or get little easels printed up with it and place them in their lockers?


7. Take ten deep breaths before you read this letter all about how the Penguins got to the Stanley Cup finals, not through hard work and good play, but by standing on the shoulders of hype and marketing.

This Pittsburgh team is not the natural selection but rather a team built on marketing, sponsorship, hype and the hope of increasing the value of a franchise that was about to go bankrupt only two years ago.

Every team in the East has been manipulated and undermined to allow the Pens to get to the Cup final, where not only the Pittsburgh franchise would increase in value, but every other franchise as well, because of the allure of Sidney Crosby and the marketing skills of commissioner Gary Bettman.

That’s right. Hype and marketing put pucks past goalies. It’s a fact.

Uh oh.

The blog. It is bitchy today. Apparently readers are getting taken to old posts as far back as November where lots of you aren’t even realizing you’re reading old posts, which, I’m so glad my writing is memorable.

It looks fine on my end, so that makes it a special kind of weird.

I have no idea if you’ll even see this here, but it’s worth a shot.

Hopefully things will be better soon.  If not, Woy will be chokin’ bitches to get it fixed.

Spotted at Home Depot

I noted this car and its stellar parking job at Home Depot over the weekend when I stopped by to pick up some Gerbera daisies for potting (photo courtesy of Saucy, my bitch, who was all, “For reals?!” when she saw this guy):

Do you see what he intentionally did there? He parked right smack in the middle of the line to ensure that no one dared park within five feet of his precious hunk of yellow steel.

Selfish douche.

I hope a flock of pigeons goes purple diarrhea all over his car. For once, the very least the pigeons could do is my bidding.