Random n’at.


It is so incredibly frustrating when you realize that we’ve got two of the best hockey players in the world and they haven’t managed to score a goal in two games.

But you know, you’ve got to give credit to the Red Wings and their incredible speed. Or am I just imagining that they seem to skate faster than the Pens? And if I’m being honest, I’m pretty sure the Red Wings have 13 men on the ice at all times.


2. While watching the Pens on Saturday night, ignoring the fact that the score was three to zero, my brother in law was telling a bunch of us a little story about trying to pull his young son’s tooth out. Said my BIL, originally from, I don’t know, Wisconsin or Oregon maybe, then California, then Texas and recently Pittsburgh: “Yeah, I tried to pull the tooth out for him, but it was too slippy.”

I paused. Everyone paused.

I said, “What did you just say?”

Said a friend of the family, “He said slippy.”

Ah, welcome to Pittsburgh and the realization that slippy is just a lot easier to say than slippery.

I was so proud of him. First time he busts out a yinz, I might shed tears.


(h/t Robert)

4. Bram and Char from the Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette interviewed Patrick Dowd, and if that’s your cup of tea, have at it. I gotta say though, as much as I love Char with the burning fire of a million suns (particularly for her Pittsburgh Promise research), I don’t agree at all with this sentiment:

DOWD: “Well there it is. There’s an election coming up. People can make choices.”

CHAR: “I know but … People in this town don’t care about anything unless it’s sports related.”

DOWD: “I disagree. I totally disagree. I ran a campaign where people cared. And Obama did too. Lots of people have. And it matters. I think that people care. I actually think … I believe actually… that we’re at a tipping point.”

People in this town care about things other than sports.

They just care about sports FIRST.


5. The following are the official standings for the First Annual PittGirl Whack a Penguin Olympics, in which, sadly, despite her best efforts to fix the whole damn thing, PittGirl didn’t even medal. Whatevs.

  • Gold: Score of 323.5 goes to Maria, DW, and Ted (Rick H claims it, but couldn’t supply proof. NO MEDAL FOR YOU!)
  • Silver: Score of 323.3 goes to Sean, Mia, and Michael (Stephanique1and Bram claim it as well)
  • Bronze: Score of 322.9 goes to Allison and Jimmy

That’s a crowded podium!

6. Said Lukey:

I think it’s just a bump in the road,” Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said. “They still want to make it happen. If you look around here, Downtown, with the exception of the Cultural Trust’s decision, the majority of projects are moving forward.”

DRINK! Drink ten drinks. You have my permission as Commissioner because dudes, it is going to take LOTS of alcohol to forget the last two Pens games.

(h/t Bill)

7. David Conrad’s go-to guy for cool “blacksmithing”. I wonder will he fashion me some decorative spikes for ceremonial pigeon-impalings?

Speaking of my future best friend David Conrad, the writer at Zap2It wrote:

I’m going to start a David Conrad Fan Club. I’m sure there already is one, but he needs a few. Yay David. Yay Jim for really standing up for Melinda when she wasn’t able to do it for herself.

Of course David Conrad already has a fan club. Its name is PittGirl. Gawd.

8. Hah! Scaredy cats!

9. Doesn’t this guy, like, have a job or anything?


  1. bucdaddy
    May 27, 2008 8:34 am

    Age and treachery
    Always overcome
    Youth and skill

    –b.daddy, 51

  2. jmarie
    May 27, 2008 8:45 am

    ummmmm i think lukey is the problem. when have we ever really seen him at a hockey game. he’s jinxing the pens. someone lock him up weds night and dont’ let him go to the game!

    and shouldn’t he be out fixing some potholes or something!

  3. efw_west
    May 27, 2008 8:48 am

    the war on snow is over so he has a lot of free time.

  4. merman
    May 27, 2008 9:16 am

    Did anyone else see this:
    The Pens say they aren’t panicked about Game 2, and neither is Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who paid a visit to the Penguins’ locker room after their morning practice.

    “The national exposure is great,” Ravenstahl said. “The fan base is growing. Everybody’s feeling good about themselves back home.”


    What on earth was Lukey doing visiting the lockerroom?

    “Listen guys, I know exactly how you feel. One time I totally missed this field goal in a DIV III football game but I bounced right back.”

    And really, this “national exposure” thing is too funny. We know you are there to only to see the Pens game, it’s not like they won’t mention “Pittsburgh” unless you go and make them.

  5. In Sewickley
    May 27, 2008 9:46 am

    Why does Lukey get to watch them skate? If he’s there as a fan, like everyone else from Pittsburgh, just stay in your hotel room, go drink, go shop and then get to the arena around 7 p.m. Who does he think he is, a celebrity or something?

  6. Pensgirl
    May 27, 2008 10:21 am

    Jmarie, I like your theory. Because I have no better explanation for what I saw this weekend.

    Pittgirl, you aren’t imagining that the Wings are skating faster, but that doesn’t mean the Pens can’t keep up with them. In the first ten minutes of game 1 the Pens were doing fine, even dictating some of the play. But then something happened. I don’t know what or why, but it’s like they gave up. And the Wings took advantage, just like any good team would do. Just like the Pens did to Philadelphia in the last series.

    I don’t understand it. It’s extremely frustrating to watch them play a season that can be described with the words “heart” and “drive” and “determination” and then have them lose their two most important games because they collectively showed very little of those things.

    I still have hope that they can turn things around at home. They seem to be very motivated by the fan support they get in the Igloo, and that might be just the thing for an attitude adjustment. But if they need that before they can get going in a series, that’s not a good thing.

  7. kirshpgh
    May 27, 2008 11:16 am

    I know he did nothing wrong, but it just doesn’t seem proper that Ravenstahl spent Memorial Day in Detroit attending a Pens game instead of attending services honoring vets in Pittsburgh.

  8. steve
    May 27, 2008 11:55 am

    Ravenstahl always seems to find a reason that HE MUST be at some event.

    Maybe if some celebrities were at Memorial Day services …

  9. retiredguy
    May 27, 2008 12:38 pm

    I’m with you kirshpgh, he should have been at Memorial Day event(s) in the city.

  10. Bored at Work
    May 27, 2008 2:47 pm

    #9 made me laugh out loud …

  11. bucdaddy
    May 27, 2008 10:50 pm

    Pennsgirl, Read post No. 1. That’s what happened.