Random n’at.

1.  Sister of PittGirl, Pens Fan that is, opens the package of Hershey’s chocolate bars that were sitting out in preparation for S’mores-making after Father’s Day dinner and says, “Oh, crap!”

PittGirl: What’s wrong?

Pens Fan: I thought these were miniatures.  [holds up a candy bar] They’re full size.

PittGirl: So?

Pens Fan: Well, now I’m going to have to eat this whole damn thing.

Oh.  I wasn’t aware that was a rule.  Huh.

2.  Wendy Bell gave birth to her twin boys yesterday, bringing the total number of her children to five and the total number of her boy children to five.  Yikes.

3.  1.5 inches of rain + flooded basements = state of emergency?

And here I thought the math went:

1.5 inches of rain + flooded basements + man-eating GRABOIDS! = state of emergency.

But then again, math was never my strong subject.

4.  Rocco Mediate versus Tiger Woods (how about that putt?!).  My BIL predicts Tiger beats him by eight strokes.  We’ll see.

5.  Madame Abagael of The Wrecking Dolls wrote:

PittGirl, you missed a glorious, glorious feast of gloriousness last night. The Steel City Derby Demons Wrecking Dolls beat the previously undefeated Bitch Doctors!

They choked the bitches!

I plan to be at the July event.  I have got to check this out.

6.  Google Maps is trying to kill Burghers.

I particularly like the part where it instructs you to drive up the embankment.

How innovative!

7.  You’re going to make a cheesy video about how awesome the Burgh is and after such awesomeness as Mister Rogers, Kennywood, Steelers, Penguins, Primantis, the incline, the rivers, the everything, you’re going to end it with the scourge of Satan?!

What the hell?

(h/t Linda, Angie, Gabbi, RuthAnn, Alex and anyone I missed.)

8.  Men, your bulging wallet is a threat to your “entire musculoskeletal system.”

This has been a public service message from LaMont Jones.

9.  Apparently, Plaxico Burress is still a world-class douchebag.

Three years left on his contract and he won’t work out with the team or show up for training camp unless he gets a new one now.

But, like he says, he’s just “standing up for what’s right.”

Forget standing up for equal-pay issues, or autism research, or human rights violations.  He’s standing up for what’s truly, truly right:  making more money!  Yeah!

I’d like to “stand up for what’s right” and kick that guy in the nuts.


  1. Sooska
    June 16, 2008 11:40 am

    #7 – I watched and had a couple of thoughts- all the “pretty girls” are news anchors and blond? and, based on the photos, that the Spawn of Satan might turn out to be UPMC (I should have known) because artistically I saw no means of including pigeons. sooska=artistic fail

  2. toni
    June 16, 2008 1:06 pm

    Ahhh the original asshat. Who didn’t see this coming? I never regretted us dumping him after the Mother’s Day fiasco….the one where he missed a mandatory workout because his Mother had died ( 2 years previous no less) AND he didn’t think it relevent to inform Cowher about such a personal decision. He was still in mourning was how I believe he termed his departure and lack of communication to his employers….

    Hope the Giants don’t cave….and I bet Drew Rosenbum is his agent.

  3. Ant Annie
    June 16, 2008 1:08 pm

    #9, and “standing up for what’s right” — how about standing up for what’s right and honoring that contract that you already have? I wonder how the crybaby players would act if the owners decided not to honor a contract after a player has a bad year. Can you imagine the crying and lawsuits that would follow a “sorry, we’re just standing up for what’s right, and you didn’t earn your millions last year. No you di’int”

  4. J
    June 16, 2008 1:11 pm

    I love the Bitch Doctors, their name and “uniforms” are enough to win my devotion, and cheer for them when every they are in a bout. But I have to say, Snot Rocket Science, the Jammer for Wrecking Dolls is AMAZING. I have a girl crush just from watching her skate. I thought Cheeseburger (of the Slumber Party Slashers I believe) was untouchable as the best Jammer out there, but sorry to say, Snot Rocket is sublime.

    If I hadn’t been nursing an epic hangover on Sunday I was sorely tempted to try out to be a Derby Chick, it looks like soooo much fun. Even just watching beats the hell out of most other things I’d be doing on the average Saturday night.

    I urge everyone to go go go to the July bout!!! Its awesome!

  5. bucdaddy
    June 16, 2008 3:34 pm

    8, Ummm … Seriously, long time ago I would get occasional back spasms, I mean the kind to suck your breath and make you cry, way worse than sitting on a jagger bush while jogging naked around the high school track at 4:30 a.m. … er, not that I ever did that. I’d have to crawl around on the floor for awhile, if I didn’t just give up and curl in a fetal position.

    I also kept my wallet in my hip pocket. Don’t remember if somebody suggested it or if I just looked at the wallet one day (it was never up to Costanza standards, it’s not like I ever have actually much momey to put in it) and figured it out for myself, but … I now carry it in my front pocket. And the back spasms have never come back.

    It was a beautiful thing the day I was in my family doctor’s office and he complained about back problems and I said, “Where do you carry your wallet?”

    I like the guy, so I didn’t bill him.

  6. MILFshake (Bitch Doctors)
    June 17, 2008 10:25 am

    Yes the Bitch Doctors are hard not to LOVE!!! But I too have to say that Snot is outstanding and a huge thorn in the side of every Steel City Derby Demon….Right On!

    Be sure to check out the Bitch Doctors and the Hot Metal Hellions on July 12th for Flat Track Fever!!!