Tuition is up 5% to pay people like this.


Best thing ever. And I found out about it at the PG.

Here’s a video of Pitt professor Shanara Reid getting into a fight with Fort Hays professor William Shanahan during a debate competition. A fight that gets so bad, a student cries.

At one point, Shanahan moons Reid. While Reid. Boy, she’s a potty-mouthed lunatic.

I frickin’ love it. Because it’s such a good example of bad.

Here’s why. Life. You guys. Life is so short. We have this little chunk of time to spend here on Earth. To take everything we can from it. To learn. To see. Laugh. Be.

Why spend any of those precious minutes getting this angry about something so ridiculous?

Had I been in that room, I would have watched these two educated morons for about two minutes, then I would have walked out, found a bench, put my face up to the sun, inhaled deeply, smiled at myself that people are lunatics and I’m glad I’ve got a better grasp on keeping things in perspective, and then I would have unleashed a string of expletives at the pigeon that surely would have used the opportunity to shit on my forehead.

I’m TRYING TO HAVE A MOMENT HERE, you damn pigeon!!


  1. Grover Cleveland
    August 17, 2008 9:04 am

    Professor? I dare say who made the maid a professor??

  2. unsatisfied
    August 20, 2008 10:46 pm


    this video was taken off of youtube — WTF?????