Random n’at.


1. The next person that emails me along the lines of, “God, Ginny. I expected to see you ranting about Jeff Reed this morning, not see a pigeon post. You better get cracking on the Steelers post,” is going to get evil-eyed by me.  First, when last I blogged, I had a one-year-old.  Now, I have a two-year old.  Would you like me to explain to you in detail the difference between those two, because if you think the answer is “one year,” I have a Sharpie-covered kid I’d like to show you.

Second, most of my posts take me 5 minutes to write. What They’re Really Thinking takes me a good hour. Give me a bit of time.

2.  While you’re waiting, feel free to go read my latest column over at the magazine. It’s about the Steelers. I discuss Skippy, The Asshat, and even that horsey-toothed traitor Bill Cowher.

3. One thing keeping me very busy is my whip-cracking (and not in the good way) husband. “Do this. Do that. I need this menu. I need this invitation. I need this sexual harassment policy. I need this insurance. When’s the website going live?”  The bad news is I might kill him. The good news is he just took out a killer life insurance policy$$$$.  The REALLY good news is that Las Velas Mexican Restaurant finally opens on Friday, October 2 for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant is located above Prantl’s Bakery at 21 Market Street.

I will be there for lunch and dinner on Friday and dinner on Saturday, so please, stop in, spend your money, bail my unemployed butt out, say hello.  The food is divine and the margaritas are strong. What more could you want?  If you’re a reader, ask for me if you don’t see me so that I can meet you.  Maybe I’ll sneak you a free drink if that pigeon-loving, whip-cracking son of a mother doesn’t catch me doing it.

4.  It’s Monday.  Good day for a good cry.  Reader Emily linked me to these beautifully photographed photos of Kelly Frey and her husband Jason. Here’s a reminder why the photos are so heart-wrenching.  Still praying for that miracle.

5.  From Steely McStupid. HAH!:

Love it.

6.  If you haven’t commented yet to be entered to win Steelers tickets, go do it.  Also, I’ve got another giveaway happening in October. One lucky winner is winning several awesome prizes.

7. Ruth Ann Daily says “We are ready!”

8. We are also ready to close up shop. Take a look at the latest list of schools, cultural centers, businesses, etc. that are closing for the G-20.

9.  The P-G (pronounced П Г in Russian [GENO!!!]) scored a sit down interview with President Obama in which he said:

“We look forward to seeing the people of Pittsburgh.”

Let’s see, 1. Luke Ravenstahl 2. Dan Onorato 3. Convention center employee 4. Hotel employee

So FOUR, he will be seeing FOUR people of Pittsburgh. Represent!

He also said:

“Mayor Ravenstahl I think has really led the charge on this. Governor Rendell has been terrific. So across the board, what you’ve seen, I think, is the best civic spirit.”

Somewhere, Dan Onorato is all, “WTF?!”


  1. bluzdude
    September 21, 2009 1:58 pm

    Let me guess… 1-year old can generally be found near the area in which you left him A 2-year old can be anywhere in a 5-block radius.

  2. Virginia
    September 21, 2009 2:00 pm


  3. Bobbo
    September 21, 2009 2:18 pm

    Wow! Poor Dan!!

    Even on a crappy day like day, your posts brighten my day.

  4. Ant_041
    September 21, 2009 2:27 pm

    If your 2 year old is Quite. drop everything and look. most of the time something is destroyed and they are sitting there with a big smile saying mommy you effed up. LOL

  5. Ant_041
    September 21, 2009 2:29 pm

    Well not say that. but the look on their face says it for them. if you have a young child you know the look. LOL

    Now,If they are saying that then you have a bigger problem.

  6. Jtown
    September 21, 2009 2:32 pm

    God, Ginny. I expected to see you ranting about Jeff Reed this morning, not see a pigeon post. You better get cracking on the Steelers post..

  7. Elmer Palmer
    September 21, 2009 2:40 pm


    I grew evermore sad watching Mr. Skippy look like the 1st grader who got caught flicking a booger at the girl next to him.

  8. SB
    September 21, 2009 2:44 pm

    ooh. . .new Mexican restaurant, excellent. If you have time on Saturday, hop on across the river to the Northside and check out headoftheohio.org

  9. addie
    September 21, 2009 3:04 pm

    Definitely looking forward to a new Mexican restaurant in Pittsburgh, and trusting your recommendation that it’ll be awesome!

  10. Emilie
    September 21, 2009 3:06 pm

    Oh how I missed you! Can’t wait to try the restaurant…I’ve already emailed my husband and said we had get down and try it out….I love a strong margarita. Yipee.

  11. C.S. Keys
    September 21, 2009 3:29 pm

    Good luck with the restaurant, I will be sure to try it soon after it opens! Mexico City used to rule the school but their service took a major nosedive when they expanded.

  12. Pensgirl
    September 21, 2009 3:44 pm

    1. The anticipation makes it even better.

    2. I forgot all about the Hurricanes incident with Cowher. I mean, it was hard to get all riled up given that series was over as soon as it started.

    3. There’s a dearth of Mexican food (or at least great Mexican food) in Pittsburgh, so I can’t wait to try it out the next time I’m home. I hit my favorite Pgh restaurant at least once every visit, so even living out of state I can promise that I can turn one happy dining experience into appointment dining on my trips home.

    5. Ha ha and all, but overall it’s clear that his, um, “lifestyle,” doesn’t get in the way of his job. So I’m laughing at the picture, but I’m also cutting the dude a break because he so rarely has an off day.

  13. Donncha
    September 21, 2009 3:54 pm

    Ginny, I have a great idea for the menu. You guys really need to put a curry chicken burrito on the list of edibles at the new restaurant. I used to get one at Mad Mex, but they discontinued it, a big mistake. Wonderful dish. Also, chick pea chili. These will positively have people beating down the doors.

  14. Three
    September 21, 2009 3:56 pm

    Strong margaritas, you say? Hmmm … well, I’m just gonna have to twist Cali’s arm and head on down and give it a shot. Of course, we’ll probably drag a couple of our friends out, so table for 4-6, and keep the margaritas comin’. :)

    Of course, Cali isn’t back from AZ until Sunday, so look for us next week.

    And somewhere, deep down in my heart, I hope there’s a bunch of anarchists that look like Skippy, so Steelers fans can vent their anger while pummeling them and make Pittsburgh safer during the G-20.

  15. Darla
    September 21, 2009 4:07 pm

    will there be molletes at the new restaurant?!

  16. bucdaddy
    September 21, 2009 4:11 pm



    I’ll be in town MONDAY, I said MONDAY, DAMMIT, and I EXPECT a pigeon chimichanga and two pigeon burritos and a pigeon soft taco and VM to be waiting there for me MONDAY, not Friday, MONDAY! FRIDAY is four days late, and I probably won’t be back until opening day next year (April 5, plenty of good seats available!). Don’t make me have to go to the Oyster House or the Market Street Ale House instead.

    Really, you must be having some kinda shakedown cruise on Monday, right? The opening before the Grand Opening? (Excuse me, the Grand Opening Event.) Put the waitstaff through the paces? Make sure all the kitchen gear works? Customers get to eat practice food free?

    Sure you are. I’m better now. I’ll be there about 3:30, unless we go extra innings. In which case … you’ll do delivery, right?

  17. Uncle Crappy
    September 21, 2009 5:24 pm

    I am hungry already. See you on Friday.

  18. Sooska
    September 21, 2009 6:41 pm

    2. Cracker.
    3. We can hardly wait for Las Velas.
    5. Word.

  19. ErinPatricia
    September 21, 2009 9:15 pm

    I cant wait to check out Las Velas!!

  20. Marcy
    September 22, 2009 8:38 am

    Thanks for the link to the Kelly Frey pics–they are really lovely.

  21. TwinMamaTeb
    September 22, 2009 10:52 am

    LOL on the insurance. Hubby did the same thing when they opened..he’s worth more dead than alive, and don’t think for a minute I don’t remind him of that often!