My bologna’s last name.


It has been announced by Mike Tomlin that Jeff Skippy Skeeve Reed, the Great Defender of Public Urination, will play against the undefeated Vikings this Sunday.

This is confusing because when Santonio Holmes was caught with marijuana, he was suspended by Tomlin for a game.  So why not Jeff?  I assumed it had something to do with the fact that Jeff is denying he did anything wrong and therefore, they are waiting until the legal system sorts things out.

Ehhhh! Wrong answer, Ginny. Big whammie!

Here’s what Coach said:

In describing the differences, Tomlin said the Holmes incident was a possible distraction because it occurred later in the week and he deactivated him to minimize the distraction. He said it was “not punitive.” Because Reed’s incident happened on Sunday, they have “an opportunity to address it,” Tomlin said.


I’m sorry, but Santonio Holmes was arrested three days before the next game and Mike Tomlin would have us believe that three days wasn’t enough time to “address” the situation?

It takes, at a minimum, FOUR days to bring a player into your office and tear them a new asshole?

My bologna has a last name and it is T-O-M-L-I-N.

I don’t believe for one second, one word of this.  I believe Santonio was benched as a punishment because Tomlin was pissed at him for being so stupid and because it wasn’t like he didn’t have other wide receivers to put in the game.  However, in this instance, Jeff Reed is really our only kicker and we are about to face the UNDEFEATED VIKINGS and losing to the UNDEFEATED VIKINGS will put us at 4-3, and wins by the Bengals and Ravens will set us even further back, whereas when Santonio was benched against the Giants, we were going in with a 5-1 record and the Bengals, well, I’m not even sure they were playing football last year.  I think they were like, napping.

This decision, it appears to me, was not made based on “distractions”, because let’s be serious, the Steelers are a team that has experienced drunken arrests, domestic violence arrests, drug arrests, public urination citations, resisting arrest citations, paper towel-dispenser annihilation citations and rape accusations (I can’t believe how incredibly sad it makes me to see these things all in one place).  I’m pretty sure they’ve learned as a team how to roll with the legal punches and that by now, not even one of their teammates getting arrested for murder would give them any pause longer than, “Huh. How about that. Who’s up for bowling?”

This decision was based on the fact that Mike Tomlin wants to beat the Vikings.  It’s understandable.  I want to beat the Vikings, too.

Just maybe don’t get in front of a news camera and talk bullshit is all.

Because I’m not buying it.  I get all of my bullshit for free from Grant Street.


  1. TheJim
    October 20, 2009 7:03 pm

    Massage the truth, Jack Donaghy-style. Seriously though, it’s easy to replace a WR for one game…not so easy to replace your K.

  2. Still A Fan
    October 20, 2009 7:12 pm

    Ginny, could you not apply for a press pass and attend press conferences? have you looked into it? I’m usually on Tomlin’s side with everything he says. i dont agree with this one. I want Reed to play, I just don’t agree with what he said coz he’s full of shiat…lol. I won’t say that to his face though because he could kill me with his pinky. (still a fan is a lover, not a fighter). I’m sketchy on the facts though…was this just public intoxication…no driving….victimless? i’m not minimizing, i’m trying to see if maybe it’s that angle. shrugs.

  3. lschaef
    October 20, 2009 7:12 pm

    I think Dale Lolley has a great explanation of the differences.

    “The NFLPA could file a grievance against the team if Tomlin chose to bench Reed over his arrest Sunday night in Pittsburgh on several charges, including resisting arrest.

    And the NFLPA would likely win any such grievance…”

    “…That gave Tomlin the leeway to bench Holmes because his arrest could be considered a distraction. You’ll notice that Tomlin never said he was keeping Holmes inactive because of the arrest.”

  4. Pa-pop
    October 20, 2009 7:24 pm

    I buy your argument but take umbrage at “not even one of their teammates getting arrested for murder would give them any pause longer than, ‘Huh. How about that. Who’s up for bowling?'” I understand that you have license to push the artistic envelope, but let’s not push your credibility. Murder or any of its egregious equals would not be treated casually by the Steelers and you know it.

    No one with the organization has ever exhibited perfection when dealing with these kinds of public pronouncements. I don’t recall what they said, for example, when Ernie “Arrowhead” Holmes was shooting at police helicopters back in the 70’s, but my guess is it was a fairly bland statement of questionable logic. But please don’t paint broad strokes of apathy on the Steelers if one of the team members committed murder.

    And please don’t make Mr. Rooney come back from Ireland just to explain that to you.

  5. Pittsburgh Tom (now back in da burgh)
    October 20, 2009 7:25 pm

    I agree with TheJim. The teams carry many WRs and often has one inactive anyway. Benching Reed is more serious because it would involve bringing in a new kicker. That would mean cutting a player to open a roster spot and possibly losing that player. All for a kicker that Tomlin would probably not have much faith in.
    And hasn’t Reed admitted to his stupidity in the past? Maybe the fact that he’s fighting it is a sign this time he’s innocent. Hey, even Michael Irvin was wrongly accused of a felony once.

  6. Cathy
    October 20, 2009 7:41 pm

    Ginny I think you BS Meter is right on…

  7. bucdaddy
    October 20, 2009 9:11 pm

    Some of you finally catching on that the Steelers as an organization won’t be coming up for the Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon?

  8. Virginia
    October 20, 2009 9:21 pm

    Pa-Pop, it was merely a joke. Me doing what I do, which is exaggerate for effect. Just a joke.

  9. aunt penny
    October 20, 2009 9:26 pm


    Matt the pisser gets off with nothing? New pissin rule and police don’t know about it yet?

    If any of yinz did what skippy did you’d be sleeping it off in the pokey. How come he gets to go home, daddy or no daddy.

    Additionally, why hasn’t childrens services been called, I think skippy needs to be removed from his parents.

    What happened to the substance abuse policy. There’s been some major abuse for awhile. No one’s noticed?

    And the lawyer says fight it? what about grovel and apologize to the cops you challenged who are trying to make your life safer?

    Skippy is damn lucky that something worse didn’t happen and matt-try carrying a rubber band.

    Bet they all went home and slept on the porch couch…….idgits, all of them.

  10. spoon
    October 21, 2009 3:38 am

    bucdaddy, they’ll win the Nobel something for having the potential to do whatever it is they do.

    How much you wanna bet the cops were all “Come on jeff, kick the taser out of our hands… yeah you cant can you.”

  11. mis
    October 21, 2009 4:52 am

    Aunt Penny – “Matt the pisser.”

  12. red pen mama
    October 21, 2009 5:19 am

    On topic: I pretty much agree with Ginny here. Skippy gets to play because he’s the only kicker we have. ‘deal with distraction’ my ass.

    Off topic: I wonder what the criminal record — even the ‘accusal rate’ (I know, I just made that up) — percentage is in the NFL. Especially when I see the list of wrongdoings by the Steelers. If you extrapolate that across the NFL and then across the population as a whole, how does it compare?

    And why do we put up with this shit from our professional athletes?


  13. Kelly
    October 21, 2009 5:31 am

    You’re every publicist’s nightmare.

    And it’s AWE-SOME.

  14. L-A
    October 21, 2009 5:35 am

    I would like to know how it’s possible that nobody (NOBODY???) caught this skirmish on video. It’s interesting that the cops have one crazy story (putting up his dukes? really?) and skip claims the police overreacted (would they really consider the skeeve a threat? really?). There wasn’t a yinzer on the scene with a cell phone to capture this historic event? As far as Tomlin’s decision goes, I get it, especially when you throw in the NFLPA aspect of it. Still sucks. And it is sad that we’ve had that many incidents. double suck.

    @aunt penny – good call on CYS needing to remove skip from his parental units – ha!

  15. Bram R
    October 21, 2009 5:37 am

    Aunt Penny said: “If any of yinz did what skippy did you’d be sleeping it off in the pokey. How come he gets to go home, daddy or no daddy.”

    Way too pretty for jail. That or he’d own the place by sundown and start a prison riot slash conga line.

  16. Scott
    October 21, 2009 5:56 am

    As others have stated, the reason is simple: the Steelers have 1 kicker as opposed to at least 4 wideouts. Going into back to back games (with a bye in between) against undefeated teams isn’t the ideal time to start looking for a new kicker.

    Yes, I know that’s ridiculous, but this is professional football and public drunkeness just isn’t a big deal in the bigger picture of the NFL.

    Interesting and crazy statistic, did you know something like 463 NFL players have been arrested since 2001? Google it. Crazy.

  17. facie
    October 21, 2009 6:01 am


    I thought the same thing about video. I am still not 100 percent convinced that Jeff got into a fighter stance (or whatever it was called), but I am pretty sure he got out of the car. There was no need for him to do that. IT DID NOT CONCERN HIM. So for that, he is an idiot and deserves some punishment.

    I do get that Reed is fighting the charges, so Coach might have had a problem benching him. So why not go with that as part of the explanation and just skip that nonsensical crap about the days of the week affecting his decision. It is more passable than “Reed is our only kicker” which is probably closer to the truth.

  18. Bojack
    October 21, 2009 6:06 am

    HEY!!!! Why the f**k should our team (and my good sports betting so far) be penalized because some gung-ho, jack-booted, power-mad, overpaid cops decide to dispense some of their
    all-to-frequent horseshit “our word” summary offenses???

    ANSWER- Tomlin KNOWS the charges are penny ante Pgh PD BULLSHIT!!!

    DRINK ON!!!!

    KICK ON!!!!

  19. Bulldog
    October 21, 2009 6:18 am

    I’m wondering what happened to waiting for all the facts before we decide on what should happen in the case. Yeah, Skippy’s got a track record of idiocy, but that does not equate to automatic guilt every time there is an accusation. He may indeed be guilty as accused, he may not.

    The police may or may not have over-reacted to the situation. It’s not like that would be a first in this city (or any other city come to think of it).

    The simple act of “investigating” the incident takes more than an hour or two and though I generally am not a fan of the NFLPA they would rightly challenge any suspension in a case where all the actual facts aren’t known.

    There is a HUGE difference between this case and Santonio’s and it should be plain as day to anyone. Santonio admitted to his actions (misdemeanor possession), and they were never in doubt. Reed on the other hand has denied what he’s been accused of, and is entitled to the same presumption of innocence that all Americans are.

    What if he IS actually cleared of the accusations and you’ve already punished him by suspending him? How does he get that back? Simply saying “ooops” isn’t going to cut it.

    Both the Steelers and the NFL have their own security experts and the matter will be investigated and dealt with appropriately, in addition to whatever legal consequences he has to deal with.

    As for people pointing out that these professional athletes always get off easy, it’s worth noting that the towel dispenser incident cost him a $10,000 fine by the NFL Commissioner. How many of the non-athletic public would face a similar punishment by their employer for a misdemeanor offense? I think you’d all be hard pressed to find to many examples.

    My bottom line is I’ll wait until all the actual facts are known before I make a judgment.

  20. kelly
    October 21, 2009 6:19 am

    we need to remember who these guys are. handsome frat boys who are really good football players. you’re gonna have bad behavior. you’re gonna have pisspants now-and-then. they aren’t chosen because they’re exceptional human beings. if anything, most of them are probably the opposite. play ball.

  21. Magus Patris
    October 21, 2009 6:26 am

    Good God, people! Some of you are taking what is essentially a humor column (this blog) and treating it like Ginny’s supposed to be Edward R. Murrow. This is supposed to be fun, hyperbolic and irreverent; that’s how it’s been for at least the two years I’ve been reading it. Just read it (or don’t), laugh (or not) and be happy someone out there is trying to make our ‘Burgh a little funnier. You don’t need to comment (complain) about EVERY posting. Stop before she gets tired of all your crap and decides this blog isn’t worth the aggravation.

  22. Steverino
    October 21, 2009 6:32 am

    What’s kind of disturbing is that the Steelers seem to have a schedule policy to follow for when one of the boys gets in trouble. An early in the week or late in the week arrest determines the punishment. All decorum goes out the window when it’s football and it’s all about WINNING because…well….because I guess it’s really really really important to win because….well, because it’s important, that’s all!

  23. Bojack
    October 21, 2009 6:33 am

    Magus>> When you open a post with Santonio’s suspension vs.
    Skippy’s pass, ………. controversy!!!!!!!!!!! DUHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    Personally, I’m doin’ the happy dance cuz I took Balt & Cleve and the points for big dough!!! (There IS a God!)

    Oh yeah,
    I’m laying 4-1 those cops took Pgh -14 and had an attititude!!!

  24. Lauren
    October 21, 2009 6:55 am

    @LA- A lot of times in these incidences, there is a video from the cops’ cruiser, if it was in view of the pissing/stance etc. I think most cruisers were outfitted with them to prevent the “he said/they said” argument. Now, assuming the investigation is ongoing, that video probably won’t be released to the public. Or there could be no video. Or anyone in view of the incident that was taping could have doubled over in laughter at the sight of Skippy in a fighting stance and dropped their recorder : )

    But, seriously, the fact he’s not suspended shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Wins=$$$. No reliable kicker=No win. Tomlin, and yes, even the Rooneys, will put that above a lot of, perhaps most, other things. They’re human, after all, despite the sainthood status some yinzers have given them.

  25. Bojack
    October 21, 2009 6:56 am

    Personally, I find it very thoughtless of Tomlin being black, and therefore taking the “race” card out of this! Imagine the uproar we could be gorging on! :-)

  26. Gina
    October 21, 2009 7:33 am

    Call me naive but like a faithful servant, I’ll take anything Tomlin says to be true.

    Sepulvda is our backup kicker and is likely more than capable of kicking a FG. Have you seen him lately? YUM! Um…I mean…actually, I meant YUM, but really, the man can kick.

  27. Ant
    October 21, 2009 8:15 am

    Well Said Bulldog!

    I also have to agree with bojack, the Cops gave the points, then when they could not find Fast Willie or Mendhall to arrest for those fumbles, so they took it out on skippy. LOL ;)

  28. Scott
    October 21, 2009 8:30 am


    Punting and place-kicking have nothing to do with one another. Sepulveda isn’t a suitable replacement for Skeeve.

  29. L-A
    October 21, 2009 8:37 am

    much like harrison wasn’t a good replacement long snapper?

  30. justagirl
    October 21, 2009 8:37 am

    Eh. I suspect it’s a little bit of exaggeration on both sides, but not being there, I don’t know. In general, if your friend is pissing in the street and you’re drunk, it’s a dumb idea to get out of the vehicle and argue with the cops about it. (What are you going to say? “He’s not really peeing. His pants just developed a beer leak.”?) And Spaeth did get a citation, Aunt Penny. I also find it curious that his dad is his designated driving wingman. Creepy.

    Either way, it’s probably best to wait and see exactly what does shake out before penalizing Reed. Do I still think he’s a jackass with no sense? Of course. But considering that the bar owner interviewed that like the weekend before, people had been Tased and arrested there and no one had written that up, it might be an area where the cops are used to just acting to end situations quickly. Maybe they did overreact. Or maybe Skippy did more than talk and deserved every charge he got. *shrug*

    I’d also note that Sepulveda is a punter, not a field goal kicker. Big difference.

  31. bucdaddy
    October 21, 2009 8:41 am

    Y’all just take it out on Skippy because the wrong Steelers kicker keeps dropping his pants.

  32. Pensgirl
    October 21, 2009 9:25 am

    The point of this post has nothing to do with whether Skippy is innocent or guilty. Many of the things people have stated here are valid reasons to go ahead and play him. He’s fighting it, the NFLPA would kick ass, maybe he really didn’t do it, etc. Yes, those are good reasons to hold off on suspensions.

    But Ginny’s point is that TOMLIN DID NOT GIVE ANY OF THOSE REASONS. Instead, he yarbled some hogwash about Fridays and Mondays and the second Tuesday of next week, which is a completely transparent excuse that even my friend’s week-old baby could tell you means “I saw what happened to Baltimore, and I am NOT going to play this team with a backup kicker.”

  33. justagirl
    October 21, 2009 9:25 am

    I don’t imagine either one of them kicks very well with their pants around their ankles.

  34. justagirl
    October 21, 2009 9:35 am

    Oh, yeah. Of course it’s balogna. Part of the game is being able to say the right things so that you have a lame excuse for why your kicker was treated differently than another team player when you can’t come out and say, “I don’t know what has happened yet. I’m afraid if I suspend him, the NFLPA will kick my ass, and we have no one else to kick for us against the Vikes, who aren’t actually wilting African Violets this year.”

    That response would be a disaster. It gives Skippy way too much wiggle room, you’ve made a public statement about why Skippy gets treated differently than others (which can bite you from past players or future ones), and it tells the Vikes you’re worried about them.

  35. Bill From Hanover
    October 21, 2009 9:57 am

    I’m sorry I have to side with Coach Tomlin. We need Skippy and this game is a must win game. We are PGH and those are our Steelers !

    So what if he took a whiz in a parking lot, actually it was not Skippy but our TE and Skippy just came out of the truck and got whacked by the Police ….. This is much deeper than what the press has caught wind of ….

    Holmes can smoke all the bud he wants, just produce on game day !

  36. Gina
    October 21, 2009 10:37 am

    I understand that Sepulvda is a punter. What I’m saying is that he is also our backup kicker – likely for a reason. If Skeevy broke his ankle, Danny-boy would step in…at least if there wasn’t enough time to sign a replacement. All I was saying is that it could have been an option, should Tomlin choose to bench Reed.

  37. Scott
    October 21, 2009 11:16 am


    Fair point. Sorry for getting all yinzer-ish on you. Even though I mock the Pittsburgh fans who show up for my business travel flights in May wearing full Steeler gear, I too get carried away sometimes.

  38. justagirl
    October 21, 2009 11:35 am

    So is now the time to mention that Skippy is the honorary chairman for (I’m not making this up) “Put Your Best Foot Forward”?

  39. Pensgirl
    October 21, 2009 11:39 am

    All Tomlin should have said is “Santonio’s case was clear-cut. Here, the facts are not in and I’m not prepared to act in haste.” Doesn’t matter whether any of that is true, it sure sounds reasonable.

    Hell, even if what Tomlin said WAS the truth, it still sounds weak.

  40. Tim
    October 21, 2009 12:36 pm

    OMG, Ginny . . . you are going to hell! I pray for your soul. You broke the “never I mean ever question Mike Tomlin commandment.”

  41. Virginia
    October 21, 2009 12:38 pm


    Dude, I know. It’s a sad day for me. ;)

  42. Arwen
    October 21, 2009 12:46 pm

    Didn’t he also say that the primary goal was to beat the opponent or something of that sort? Then, he went into the distraction bs. I’m just saying, Tomlin’s a teddy bear, don’t get on his case too much!

  43. Steelman
    October 21, 2009 7:11 pm

    It seems to me that the Steelers might have surpassed the Bengals as the team with the most players who have been arrested or have faced criminal charges. What the heck is going on? Where is the integrity that has been a hallmark of the Steeler organization?

    Some of this crap would stop if the NFL fined these players $100,000 or more instead of the $10,000 pittance.

  44. Vivian formerly NYLuvsPitts
    October 22, 2009 10:35 am

    Mike is always BS-ing. It’s his vocabulary that make it sound so good.