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Event postponed.

I was asked to share this with you:

January 30, 2010

FOR RELEASE: Immediate

POSTPONED: “Thank You, Pittsburgh” Night in Honor Of Jamie and Ali McMutrie

The “Thank You, Pittsburgh” Night in Honor Of Jamie and Ali McMutrie, to be held this evening, Saturday, January 30, at Villa Southside, has had to be postponed. “We apologize for the short notice,” said event organizer Diana Rua. “Jamie and Ali will be thrilled to tell you very soon what pressing matter they needed to attend to that resulted in the event’s postponement. Suffice it to say that it will make Pittsburgh doubly proud of their heroes.” Rua also said she plans to reschedule the event very soon and will notify everyone as soon as possible about the exciting details.

Trust me, Pittsburgh.  It’s a really good reason. We’ll keep you posted!

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The Everyday Extraordinary

I just got back from a lunch at Google Pittsburgh and while I’m writing up my thoughts on that experience, I wanted to let you know that my first REAL post is up at my blog over at Pittsburgh Magazine and here’s the part where I can’t remember if I told you that I’m also blogging for Pittsburgh Magazine now.

Hey, guys, I’m also blogging for Pittsburgh Magazine in addition to my regular stuff here.  That will be the place I’ll post videos and the more respectable posts about Pittsburgh.  This will continue to be my blogging playground, so to speak.  The place I post anything I want with no one to edit me.  Nothing’s changing here.  So no worries.

Anyway, my post is about traffic cop Vic Cianca, station wagons, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Happy reading!

Now, I’m going to go gush about Google Pittsburgh.  More soon.

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Random n’at.

1.  As I’ve been tweeting (as I twote? PUTTYTAT!) my butler Mike hooked me up with a MacBook because he’s been listening to me whine about Vista for more than a year now.  “Vista sucks.  Vista is evil.  Vista causes cancer.  Vista was created by Satan.  Vista ate my son’s homework.  Vista makes the baby Jesus cry.” and on and on and on.  So to shut me up, he presented me with a MacBook to use as long as I want.  He even said I could paint it any color I want.

So now, instead of hearing me whine all, “Vista causes bad hair days,” he now gets to hear me whine, “Where’s the Print Screen key?  How do I delete forwards instead of backwards?  How do I install a program?  Where’s the right clicker thingy?  What’s this?  I think this computer just laughed at me. How do you get paint out of the keyboard?”

He’s so long suffering.

2.  Mario skated with a Make-a-Wish kid. Sniffle.  Hugs.

(h/t @rlenzi)

3.  Remember I told you about our local cutie Amy who was a finalist to win a recording contract via Miley Cyrus?  She won! Woo!

4.  Dennis Roddy is in Haiti, doing what he does — making you feel his words.

5.  My February column is up over at the magazine and it is about the Pittsburgh Potty, something I learned about on twitter.  Soon, I’ll post a picture of my very own super scary-looking Pittsburgh Potty.  I think a demon might live in it, it’s so weird looking.

Also, over at the Magazine’s site, tomorrow you’ll find my second post on my new blog.  It’s all about a certain famous traffic-directing cop who recently passed away, Vic Cianca.  Station wagons are also discussed.  I’ll link you to it once it’s up.

6.  Berger and Green, those choppy-sounding DID YOU CUT YOUR FINGER ON A TOO-SHARP KNIFE?!  WE WILL GET YOU THE MILLIONS YOU DESERVE AND MAYBE SOME HEADS ON SOME STICKS lawyers made it on to Boing Boing.  Represent!

(h/t Charles)

7.  Via Deadspin, you could, for the low low low price of $1,000 own the purple leather couch that once belonged for former Pittsburgh Penguin Darius Kasparaitis.

Which is stupid and ridiculous to buy a couch just because it was once owned by a professional athlete.

Now ask me if I’d like to buy Daniel Sepulveda’s old bathroom mirror and tell me where to mail the check.

(h/t Charles again!  Charles likes to send me fun stuff.)

8.  Ever wondered what ARE the 57 Varieties that Heinz boasts about?  Here you go!

Chow chow pickle?  Really?  What about Meow Meow Mustard?

(h/t CHARLES!)

9.  Friday, February 5 is the next Mariachi Night at Las Velas, meaning real live Mariachis will be there from 6 to 9 p.m. to play wonderful music for you while you eat and drink.  I will be there.  I have asked my husband if I can tend bar for a bit during the night.  I have some Tom Cruise Cocktail moves I’m dying to try out.  Just don’t order anything but beer, soda, or margaritas from me.  If you ask for something super complex like a White Russian? [blank stare]

10.  Finally, this is something I was supposed to do on January 18, but as you know, BRESMA happened.  So, better late than never.  To my reader Linda O’Brien of Marietta, Ohio, who I’m told is all about taking care of everyone but herself, at the request of your loving husband Gary, who I hope came through surgery with flying colors, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!

So sorry I’m late with that.

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Event with Jamie and Ali McMutrie

If you’ve wanted to meet Jamie and Ali McMutrie in person, you’ll have your chance Saturday, and it’s FREE!

I’ve been asked by the family to post this press release.

January 26, 2010
FOR RELEASE:  Immediate

“Thank You, Pittsburgh” Night in Honor Of Jamie and Ali McMutrie

This Saturday, January 30 from 7-10 p.m. at Villa Southside, 1831 East Carson St. (19th and E. Carson), Diana Rua Media will host a night in honor of Jamie and Ali McMutrie that will also be a “thank you” to the many Pittsburghers who supported them in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. The McMutries are sisters and Ben Avon natives who saved the lives of 150 orphans following the January 12 earthquake, bringing 54 of them to the United States.

The over-21 event will be free and open to the public, with a DJ for entertainment, appetizers provided by Villa, and a cash bar. Diana Rua, who’s hosting the event, said, “This is an evening in honor of Jamie and Ali and their remarkable accomplishments in Haiti, not only after the earthquake but also over the past years in helping hundreds of orphaned children find homes in the U.S. and elsewhere.”

Ali Pace, sister-in-law of Jamie and Ali, said this is also a chance for the sisters to thank their fellow Pittsburghers for their support, and for their supporters to meet one another. “As soon as the people of Pittsburgh heard about the quake and what Ali and Jamie were doing they immediately wanted to help. They contacted their senators and congressmen, donated, and help spread the word online to help bring them home,” Pace said. “Jamie and Ali are so grateful to all those that helped, and they’re looking forward to thanking those people in person.”

For more information about the event, contact Diana Rua Media at

Also, did you guys see them on The Ellen Degeneres Show?  Did you see all the toys she gave them for the kids!?

If not, you can watch it here.  Amazing.

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A silent warning of what I’m capable of.

Why, yes.  Yes, indeed, that is a man wearing a headband made from the wings of an actual pigeon.

It is the creation of a London-based designer, and this pigeon-wing headdress can be found in her … wait for it … Vermin Collection.

That’s right.  Vermin. Ver. Min.  Not “cute little peace-representing birds” and not “God’s creatures.”  Vermin.  A noun defined by Webster as, “Evil sons ‘a bitches.”

I looked it up.

In addition to pigeon-based designs, the designer sells rat bow ties, white rat coin purses, and other VERMIN-based accessories, all in prices ranging from $150 to $3,000.

Now, my first thought was [gag] and that was immediately followed by my second thought, which was [swallow down the mouth throw-up].


And then … [light bulb].


Think about it.  If there was a man or a woman standing on the sidewalk offering you something, and I mean ANYTHING — an iPad, a half dozen pumpkin spice lattes, a million dollars, a million diamonds, fresh Zima, 500 shirtless pictures of Tyler Grisham, ANYTHING, and that man was also sporting a necklace made of severed human ears, would you even think about approaching him?

Hell, no.

And for that reason, while you’re saving your pennies for an iPad, I’ll be saving mine for this:

Failing getting the $3,000 together for that, I can always practice home taxidermy and just spray an entire can of Aqua Net onto a pigeon wing and then super glue it to a hair comb.  I just need it to keep long enough for the pigeons to see it and run to Satan all, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!  That PittGirl bitch done lost her mind.  I. Quit. [throws down ninja stars in disgust and storms out].”


(h/t Amanda)

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