Yes, I was rooting my little heart out for the USA and when our boys tied the game up with half a minute on the clock, I thought the planets and the stars and fate were aligning to make something special and unforgettable happen in that arena.

And boy was I right.

It just didn’t happen for us.

Sid won it for Canada and this greatly displeased lots of Americans.  “Hate Sidney Crosby” was trending on twitter, and was the number one trend in D.C. for a while after Sid won the game.  One twittererer asked, “How do Pittsburgh Penguins fans feel about Crosby being a terrorist?”

I feel pretty good about it, actually.  In fact, if scoring the gold medal-winning goal in overtime for your home country is terrorism, then give me some pom poms and a cheerleader skirt because I’ve got this awesome cheer I just made up that rhymes “astigmatism” with “YAAAAAAAAAY, TERRORISM!”

What would these people have Sid do?  Say no to the chance of earning an Olympic gold medal?  Throw the game because he currently earns his paycheck and makes his home in America?  Deny his nationality? I don’t think he could do that any more than you or I could deny ours.

In addition, the internet is once again aflame with debate as to whether Sidney Crosby is a better hockey player than the Kraken, excuse me, I mean Ovechkin.  And of course, the Sid haters are all Crosby sucks.  Crosby is overrated.  Crosby dives.  Crosby whines.  Crosby eats kittens and kicks nuns and hates rainbows and eats boogers.

All I know is this.  Sidney Crosby has a Stanley Cup and an Olympic gold medal, and he’s ours.  And by “ours” I don’t mean the U.S.A.’s.  I mean he’s a Burgher and that transcends nationality and that means I’m okay with the gold medal being draped around the neck of that rainbow-hating, booger-munching terrorist.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go make up a cheer that rhymes Ovechkin with [retch].


  1. Kevin
    March 1, 2010 10:38 pm

    Can I vent?? The Olympics are once every four years, you get the best players in the world, and the Gold medal game goes to overtime. Am i right so far?? Of course I am!. And, I’m OK losing in OT as well.

    What I can’t stand, is why, after all the games played, you get to OT in the gold medal game, and now it’s 4 on 4 rather than 5 on 5?? What the He%# is that? It changes the game big time. The most skilled palyers in the world, and you give them more ice to maneuver? It penalizes the better defensive team unfairly. There I said it. The Canucks cheated! Joking of course, but why not let the game be decided the way it was played all the way through the tournament? They don’t do it like that in the NHL playoffs. Regular season yes, you don’t send a team home by changing how the game is played.

  2. Sooska
    March 1, 2010 10:44 pm

    I was very conflicted about these hockey games. Who else could it have been? Sidney. Taht is all. Just Sidney. He is remarkable.

    Our team was great. If I could be at the Igloo on Tuesday I would, in the spirit of the Olympics, cheer for Brooks Orpik and Ryan Miller (whether he plays or not,) chant their names, give them a loud and long standing O, a couple of “U-S-As,” and then cheer Sarge and Geno, and then a big cheer for Sid. They all accomplished a lot.

    Sidney Crosby was the “face” of the Vancouver Games. Ovechkin will be the “face” of the Sochi Games. Imagine that. *smirks*

  3. Matt
    March 2, 2010 11:19 am

    Believe me, it’s not easy living in Washington DC and listening to these deranged Crosby-hating, Ovechkin-loving creeps and psychopaths on a daily basis — and that’s just among my own employees! Just once, I’d like to see Ovechkin come through head to head with Sid in a big game that counts. We’ll even throw in Malkin to play with Ovie on the same line. Oh wait, we just tried that, and it didn’t work. Well, maybe we can give him Gonchar for the night, too. Whoops, that didn’t work either.
    Congrats to Canada and to Team USA. But there is now officially a smaller number of NHL players happy to win gold, than there are NHL players soiling themselves at the prospect of having to face Ryan Miller again in the playoffs.

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