Random n’at

1.  My father’s cousin emailed him a complete cut-and-paste of my Dear Benny post.  This is the email my father sent me:

I got this from my cousin, Rich.  We are always exchanging emails and he sent me this post from your blog.  I don’t think he knows you are my daughter, but he knows now because I sent him reply back informing him and apologizing ahead of time for any “salty language”.

My poor father.  A minister having to deal with his daughter’s “salty language.”   He makes me sound like a pirate or a wench.  I prefer pirate.  Arrrr.

2.  Speaking of the Pirates, remember this quote from pitcher Charlie Morton?

“The stuff felt fresh, and I was mostly down.”


Well, how’s this one from pitcher Kevin Hart:

“Stuff-wise and pitch-wise, I felt better and more confident.”

What is this “stuff” the pitchers keep referring to?  I hope it’s not “suck.”

3.  Me and Burgh Baby are busy getting prizes together for the Make Room for Crazy random drawing this fall once the Pirates end the season playing .500 ball.  So far we have:

We are adding more and more prizes every day, so pick a side and donate your $5 to the winning side. My side.


4.  Episode 3 of the Eyetique Boy Meets Girl saga is up — “Another Woman?”

I want that green coat.

5.  Reader Sara, a mother of four, sent me an email regarding having her head shaved to raise money for kids with cancer:

After some liquid courage I got in the chair and off went the hair! It took me a couple of hours to look at myself, but when I started crying there were 30 other drunk women in the bathroom to reassure me.

I don’t have a final tally, but I think I’ve reached my $5000 goal, and STILL have a fundraiser coming up. Another shavee gave me $550 of his donations to put in mine because he wanted to see me hit $5000. Talk about amazing people!

God.  I love Burghers so freaking frackin’ much.

Hair comes and goes.  Generosity ripples forever.

Here’s a picture of Sara post-shave, courtesy of PghGeorge‘s professional Flickr stream, which has lots of moving pictures from the event.

Also, look who was there earning some good karma on behalf of the Buccos.

6.  If you’re looking for a fun 10k or 5k run or a 2 mile walk to benefit sick kids this summer, then look no further than Jaxson’s Jog, started last year by a local mother to benefit research into Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), a life threatening birth defect of which only 50% of babies diagnosed with it will survive.  Her son is one of those lucky ones.  She’s seeking registrations for the North Park run/walk taking place on May 22.  Check it out.

7.    If you spent the weekend wondering if it is possible for Benny to appear even more douchey than this latest sexual allegation has made him, I’m here to tell you that yes, it is possible.  Behold the TMZ-obtained photos of Benny’s birthday posse and their stupid shirts.  This little trip for his 28th birthday was actually dubbed “Ben-a-palooza.” [GIANT EYEROLL]

Check them all out, but pay particular attention to the douchey ponytail Benny is sporting.

So, who in his posse hated him enough to leak these photos to TMZ?

Phrase your answer in the form of, “Someone from the O-line!”

This might be premature, but the hell with it, she says saltily — to quote Vinny from My Cousin Vinny, “I got no more use for this guy.”

(h/t Carole)


  1. Pierce H
    March 15, 2010 8:09 pm

    Oh, Mac, Mac, Mac — how pathetic. Come on over to my site – you know where it is — if you have some facts that show what we say is wrong. We are the world’s leading site that gives voice to men and women falsely accused. Here’s what we say: every objective study ever conducted on the prevalence of false rape claims reveals that they are a significant problem. No one — that means, no one — not even you, Mac, knows precisely how frequent false rape claims are. But here’s a good example: in “Until Proven Innocent,” the widely praised (praised even by the New York Times, which the book skewers — as well as almost every other major U.S. news source) and painstaking study of the Duke Lacrosse non-rape case, authors Stuart Taylor and Professor K.C. Johnson explain that the exact number of false claims is elusive but “[t]he standard assertion by feminists that only 2 percent” or sexual assault claims “are false, which traces to Susan Brownmiller’s 1975 book ‘Against Our Will,’ is without empirical foundation and belied by a wealth of empirical data. These data suggest that at least 9 percent and probably closer to half” of all sexual assault claims “are false . . . .” (Page 374.)

    So, no, Mac, I can’t give you a precise number. Nobody can. Who cares? It’s somewhere within that range, maybe lower and certainly maybe higher, and it’s significant, which means we’ve got to be careful about rushing to judgment on the basis of an accusation. Get it?

    So, no, Mac. YOU’RE the one with the agenda, the politicized ideology, the preconceptions.

    I’m the one with the facts.

  2. JJ
    March 15, 2010 9:41 pm

    Fact: No self respecting Steeler would be caught dead wearing this t-shirt.


  3. unsatisfied
    March 15, 2010 9:49 pm

    gee, I love internet fights. don’t you?

    though, the ones on youtube are way cooler…

  4. Jen
    March 15, 2010 10:21 pm

    Unsatisfied: This is important. Someone is wrong on the internet.

  5. toni
    March 16, 2010 7:01 am

    Does anybody else remember when Ben was just fresh with the team…first year or two…and theres a blurb in the PPG that he was CHAPERONING his kid sister and her date to her prom in Ohio. Those were the days. I think we need to call sis and have her chaperone brother.