As soon as I get home …

I have got to got to got to stop underestimating you.

You guys hit the $500 mark like three hours ago, but I’ve been out and about in meetings all day, and still have one meeting to go before I can get home and post the full picture of the Queen of Velvet Dorkdom.

And to swing by my parent’s house and hunt down that picture my father showed me just to illustrate my poor hair and fashion and makeup choices as a teen and twenty-something.

More soon. Thanks so much for your generosity, Burghers.

Every dollar helps purchase handheld gaming consoles and games for children with cancer.

Click the donate button if you’re feeling generous or if you just want to see my rock star hair and glasses and mustache. Winner.

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  1. KGC
    August 2, 2010 7:20 pm

    $500? Pfft, you silly. $1,000? Pfft, no doubt. $1,500? Pfft, probably. You might want to make sure you have your whole album available. I’m in for some now, but.. if you get close to the $1,500…. :)