Ti Kanaval wrap up!

(all photos courtesy Jonathan Wander)

Saturday was Ti Kanaval as you know and despite the fact that I had returned from Philly a mere five hours before I had to be at Whim and despite the fact that I was sick and despite the fact that I was stressing that I had enough desserts and stressing that no one would show up and stressing because I was stressing, I had a blast.

1. I don’t know why I was worried about the desserts. The various donors of baked deliciousness all showed up on time and got to work setting up the most glorious dessert table I have ever wanted to roll around on in my life. I licked the icing off of three of Cafe Solstice’s peanut butter cupcakes like I was in a cupcake eating contest. Aside, I would destroy you at a cupcake eating contest.

That is just one tiny section of one table. It went on and on and wrapped around the wall. 1,500+ pieces of dessert.

2. Lots of people mentioned they like the complimentary drink “Haitian Sensation” which was a rum-based drink. They can thank my husband for that because he not only donated the liquor for that drink, he also created it. It was yummo. I drank two. Despite the fact that I’m on antibiotics.

What can I say? I’m weak.

3. It was so great to see some of the Haitian children that had been adopted to families thanks to Jamie and Ali. And these kids can DANCE. They were practically making their own little kiddie mosh pit during Punchline’s performance. It was a beautiful thing.

4. Punchline. I can’t even tell you how awesome they are. Every song was catchy and made me want to jump up and down in place. NOW I know why people do that when they go to punk concerts. You cannot help but jump up and down to the beat of the drum. Totally buying their CD now and I’m going to stand in my living room and jump until my kids are all, “Mom. You are so weird.”

5. Lots of familiar faces there!

Gina, her mom, and Ian Rosenberger. $100 was enough to buy raffle tickets the height of Ian and Mikey combined. That’s like 13 feet of tickets.

Tall Cathy and Andrew Stockey.

I’m just going to say this. Andrew Stockey’s got it going on. Srsly.

6. Here are Mikey and Big Bob bringing up board member Scott Heaton who flew in from Nebraska with his family for the event.

They were announcing that Scott, who owns a Ford dealership, is donating a 2011 Ford Fusion or 2011 Ford Fiesta to be raffled off over the next several months. The winner of the raffle will get to choose which car they’d prefer.

Details on that raffle and where you can purchase tickets for it will be coming soon.

7. Raffle winners! We ran out of time for announcing the raffle winners, so we’re doing it now. Check your tickets and if you own the corresponding one, send me an email at virginia[at]thatschurch[dot]com letting me know and we’ll confirm your ticket and get your prize to you. For most of these, we have your name and/or phone number as we requested they be written on the tickets. For those few that we have no name or phone number, no worries. Just send me that email.

Auction winners will be called at the number they provided on the bid sheets.

Here we go:

1. Mattress Factory Green Membership AND Sir Pizza – Ross Township – 1 gift certificates good for one large pizza  = WINNER WHITE TICKET #1204622.

2. Venture Outdoors Family/Individual Membership including 2 1-hr. rentals at Kayak Pittsburgh in the 2011 season, 1 Program Pass, 1 tee shirt = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120980

3. 2 tickets for The Gospel at Colonus Opera, March 25-27, 2011, August Wilson Center, donated by the Opera Theater AND Dinner for two at Abay Ethiopian Restaurant = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509039

4. One night stay at DeFeo’s Manor at Opera House Square Bed & Breakfast in Jim Thorpe, PA + $ off weeknight stays = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120186

5. Just Ducky Tour AND Chuck E Cheese’s Gift Certificate = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120740

6. Dawn Hartman Photography $150 photography gift certificate = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120474

7. Words & Bodyworks Massage Therapy 2-one hour massage gift certificates = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509969

8. The Parador of Pittsburgh – One night getaway all-inclusive certificate. = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509743

9. Mystery’s Most Wanted Dinner Theater Show at Spaghetti Warehouse = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120134

10. 4 Kennywood Funday Passes =WINNER GREEN TICKET #509068

11. 4 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum 4 admission tickets AND Gift Certificate to Original Pancake House = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120400

12. 4 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum 4 admission tickets AND Gift Certificate to Original Pancake House = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509589

13. Arthur Murray Dance Studio lessons = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120261

14. Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society 2 ticket passes AND North Park Lounge $25 gift card =WINNER GREEN TICKET #510040

15. Henne Jewelers sterling silver Pandora bracelet = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120628

16. Fodi Jewelers men’s Swiss watch valued at $330 = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120507

17. Cardamom Press 2 boxes of Letterpress Pittsburgh postcards = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120342

18. Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Family Membership AND Sir Pizza – Ross Township – 1 gift certificates good for one large pizza  =WINNER WHITE TICKET #120019

19. Pittsburgh Opera – 2 Tickets to Dialogues of the Carmelites AND Dinner for 2 at Las Velas = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509622

20. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra – Ticket Voucher for 2 seats for selected performances AND Joe’s Rusty Nail Restaurant, Bellevue, PA – (2) $10 Gift Certificates = WINNER WHITE TICKET #121043

21. Pittsburgh Opera – 2 Tickets to Turandot AND J’eet – 2 gift certificates $15 each = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120887

22. Monster Mini Golf = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509620

23. Terrible Towel autographed by Steelers Mike Wallace, Isaac Redman, David Johnson, Charlie Batch, Byron Leftwitch and more = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509884

24. Basket of PartyLite items donated by Shannon Yanko = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509892

25.  Reign Dance Studio – ballet basket containing a leotard, hair bow, tights, and one year of lessons for a child age 3 to 6 = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509613

26.  Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Center for the Arts Associate Family Membership AND Sir Pizza – Ross Township – 1 gift certificates good for one large pizza  = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509757

27.  Two passes for admission and a “backstage tour” of the National Aviary = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120682

28.  4 Kennywood Funday Passes = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120949

29. 4 Passes to the Pittsburgh Zoo + Stuffed Toy = WINNER WHITE TICKET #121117

30.  Starbucks Gift Basket = WINNER GREEN TICKET #144195

31.  Diamond Run Golf Package = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120188

32.  University of Pittsburgh basket – 1 Polo shirt, 1 hat, 1 tissue box, cozy, 2 Panther paw chip clips, and 4 tickets to Pitt vs. Penn on Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010 – section 110, Row T, seats 1-4 = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509629

33.  Zip-Car gift certificate including a free membership and driving credit = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509618

34. Creative Nonfiction Gift Basket = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120093

35.  Holiday Baker’s Basket = WINNER GREEN TICKET #509999

36.  Amish Monkeys Improv Comedy Troupe – Four passes for a show and a t-shirt AND Luigi’s Pizzeria and Ristorante, Bellevue, PA – (2) Gift certificates for Large Plain Pizza = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120543

37.  Specter Studios – a pair of butterfly wings = WINNER WHITE TICKET #120115

Whew. Send me an email and we’ll hook you up with your loot!

If you won the Pandora bracelet from Henne, feel free to donate it to my new nonprofit “Ginny Wants a Pandora Bracelet.”


  1. BeauJacques
    November 15, 2010 1:39 pm

    Hey wait a minute-

    is this $15 “Have the Ti Kanaval hotties wash your car” ticket
    I’m holding bogus??


  2. Ali
    November 15, 2010 2:00 pm

    Hey, there were fairy wings as well!

  3. George
    November 15, 2010 2:20 pm

    Look at those yummy cupcakes from Marathon Cupcakes

  4. Christina
    November 15, 2010 2:48 pm

    So happy that everything worked out!!!

    Tell your husband to keep the recipe for the “Haitian Sensation”. I’ll want one (or two) when I’ll be in PGH early next year ;)

  5. George
    November 15, 2010 3:00 pm

    The Haitian Sensations were very yummy

  6. Moe the Dog
    November 15, 2010 3:11 pm

    Did you happen to ask Andrew Stockey about that Wendy Bell thing?

  7. Kylie
    November 15, 2010 5:24 pm

    I had a fantastic time at Ti Kanaval.

    The white velvet raspberry cupcakes were more delicious than words can adequately describe.

    Has Ian Rosenberger been a Smokin’ Hot Burgher yet? If not, I hereby nominate him and will make him his very own crown. What an adorable, deliciously tall man he is!

  8. jj
    November 15, 2010 7:45 pm

    Awesome event! & #7 Kylie, you took the words right out of my mouth, I so agree, Ian Rosenberger is ADORABLY HOT!!! YUM!!!

  9. Jonathan
    November 15, 2010 11:45 pm

    I want to thank the hundreds of ‘Burghers who came out to support Jamie and Ali and the extraordinary work they do. Once again, our town showed its generosity and enthusiasm (not to mention some serious baking skillz). Mega thanks to Vivian Lee Croft, who hadn’t even met Jamie and Ali before Ti Kanaval, and was tireless in her work to make the event a success.

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