Inappropriate laughter

First, I already know I’m going to hell for laughing at the Jeff Reed couldn’t kick his own suicide stool joke that’s making rounds on the internet. I know it was inappropriate. Don’t scold me. I scolded myself already and I’ll do it again.

[angry finger wagging]

Second, I also laughed at this:

Doctors say a Fayette County attorney wheeled into a competency hearing on a gurney may be faking a mental infirmity.

Mr. Morrison was charged in 2006 with stealing $99,000 from two elderly couples he represented. His trial has repeatedly been delayed by alleged physical and mental health problems.

A prosecution psychiatrist testified Mr. Morrison’s answers on some tests raised “red flags” that he may be faking, including naming the months of the year as “A, B, C, X and Q.”

I bet if you ask him to say the ABCs, he’ll be all, “January, February, March, Sarah Palin, Lollipop.”


  1. Pa-pop
    November 18, 2010 2:35 pm

    Psychiatrists are busy. This is right up there with the one guy in Wisconsin who gave his TV a shotgun blast after Bristol Palin made the “DWTS” finals and the other guy in North Strabane who literally swallowed the “family jewels” in an attempt to steal them. In the latter’s case they also had to call in a proctologist.

  2. Monty
    November 18, 2010 2:49 pm

    Pa-pop — any chance you can put my wife in touch with the guy in North Strabane?

  3. LaReina
    November 18, 2010 2:50 pm

    Mr. Morrison is channeling Uncle Leo. “I’m old! I get confused!”

  4. Jann
    November 18, 2010 6:25 pm

    Wish I had the time to look it up, but I know I heard the “kicking the stool” comment coming from a Steeler many years ago after he missed a clutch kick. Can’t remember his name….

  5. Pa-pop
    November 19, 2010 4:47 pm

    @Jann: Probably not the guy you’re thinking of, but decades ago some guy came up with a parody of a Stoney’s Beer commercial for a lackluster Stiller kicker named Gene Mingo. Words to the jingle were “Gene Mingo drinks Stoney’s on Saturday night/on Sunday his kicks go wide to the right.”