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While you’re waiting for WTRT: Slapsgiving Edition and while I take an hour to enjoy this beautiful Burgh day, which by the way sure as heck had better not be God’s or Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Sorry for what I’m going to do to you this winter,” have a read at a few things I’ve got going on at Pittsburgh Magazine:

1. My December column is up and it’s a pop quiz! See if you’re one of those Burghers that makes other Burghers stabby, ya jagoff.

A snippet:

4. You’re on the bus the Monday morning after a horrific Steelers’ loss to the Patriots on “Sunday Night Football.” Do you:
A. Talk quietly. Do not make any loud noises. Do not laugh. Do not even smile.
B. Break a smile, but only because a friend texted you a hilarious Tom Brady-eats-kittens-for-energy joke.
C. Shout, “Dang, it’s quiet! Who died?! Oh, yeah, THE OFFENSE. LOL.”

2. I have a blog post up called, “You love Pittsburgh; I love you” and it’s all about how easy I am.

A snippet:

How sad is that? I went from being all, “Wow. You’re a pompous jerk who has rage issues, aren’t you?” to “You want … I should kick those kittens out of your path?”

Apparently, I had kittens on the brain.

Happy reading and I’ll see you later right here for a recap of whatever the hell that was yesterday.

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  1. calipanthergrl
    November 22, 2010 1:18 pm

    Slapsgiving! Yes! *high five*