“Love thy neighbor”

Making national news today and as seen on WTAE, a Baldwin man has refused the borough’s order that he must take down a 24-foot illuminated cross that he erected on his property.

Mr. Behr said the cross, which is nailed to a tree on his property at 1210 Robbins St., is “about the Lord.” Those who want it removed, he said, are against God.

“This is a message I have to deliver,” he said, and thanked his neighbor who complained because he said it allowed him to share his message with more people.

Here is a message I have to deliver, from one Christian to another:

God doesn’t want you to loudly and blindingly shove your religion down your neighbors’ throats in a way that reduces their property values via a giant cross you built that doesn’t adhere to any building codes whatsoever and thereby may fall down and kill someone at any time from any sustained exceptionally strong winds or that may burst into flames from faulty wiring.

Much the same way that you, Mr. Behr, would probably take issue if your neighbor chose to erect on her property a 24-foot illuminated tribute to say, Satan. There are other, less in-your-face, world, ways to profess your love of Christ.

The moral of this story, kids: Don’t erect 24-foot illuminated tributes to anything on your property if your property can be seen from your neighbors’ yards.

Unless it’s a 24-foot illuminated tribute to David Conrad, because this puppy I’m building is going to BLOW YOUR MINDS.


  1. Beth
    February 20, 2011 2:54 pm

    I live in Baldwin, and am wondering how I missed it?