And the eyes, they did roll.

I have an entire tag on this here blog called “eyerolls” and I had to do that because so many times when I’m reading the local news stories, my eyes just go BOING! Right up into my head.

I’m so glad we have the eyeroll, aren’t you? How else would we be able to perfectly visually acknowledge the ludicrousness we encounter on a daily basis?

So, please watch this video of Wendy Bell TAKING ACTION FOR YOU! when a local mother got pissed that Sandcastle dared to raise the height requirement on the water slides, which resulted in the woman’s daughter not being able to ride her favorite ride. I mean, who the hell does Sandcastle think they are following manufacturers’ safety regulations?! Have you ever heard anything so ludicrous?! Just let the damn babies fly down the slide. Maybe they won’t drown, Sandcastle. Did you ever think of that?! Maybe they’ll float long enough to be resuscitated.

Anyway, the mother was so pissed that Sandcastle didn’t put a giant banner on their website explaining that the ride height requirement had been changed to keep kids like her daughter safe that SHE CALLED FREAKING CHANNEL FOUR ACTION NEWS TO TAKE ACTION FOR HER.

Would you watch the video please and let me know if when you get to the part about Wendy “taking action for you” and getting them a cabana and free food for the gross inconvenience of being kept safe, did your eyes also roll so far back in your head that you got a good look at your pituitary gland?

I just want to make sure mine looks normal.



  1. Roxy
    August 4, 2011 11:55 am


    Maybe her kid should grow.

    So are they going to give everyone else a cabana and freebies to that bought a pass with a child under that height?

    People are rediculous and the news channel even more so for helping and making this news.

  2. Lesley
    August 4, 2011 2:29 pm

    Has anyone seen the promos for the new “Call 4 Action” story about the woman where the power outage fried her computer and who is going to pay for it? Ummm… no one? That’s why surge protectors were invented! And insurance.