Scoring a 21

When Community Human Services asked if I would serve as one of their co-chairs for this year’s Holiday Gift Card Drive, I said yes very quickly.

Donating gift cards so that Pittsburgh’s neediest families could have the dignity of purchasing things for themselves is such an easy way to help, or as I have taken to calling it lately, hold up the sky for those it’s falling down upon.

I’ve said this before, but when I’m in the grocery store and I see a family that is obviously struggling to make ends meet, it’s a gut punch.

Huge gut punch. I don’t like to think that children are familiar with the food bank. I don’t like to think that children can’t always have a banana if they want one. I don’t like to think that children can’t get a new toy on occasion.

If I had millions of dollars, I would be ridiculous.

Completely out of control. I’d sit in the grocery store and follow families to see if they’re making decisions they shouldn’t have to make or counting pennies to buy food while they have holes in their shoes. And then I’d buy them their food and give them money for bills and my husband would lock me in the basement and take away my access to our funds before I drained us dry.

I guess there’s such a thing as TOO MUCH compassion?

Either way, I’m an advocate for sick children and I’m an advocate for needy families. I take my cues from Roberto Clemente.

CHS is kicking off their Holiday Gift Card Drive at the September 10 Pirates versus Marlins game and you can attend!

For only $20 you get a ticket to the game in section 128, which is the Roberto Clemente section which gives you a free replica Roberto Clemente jersey! See!

You also get to see the fireworks that night and have a chance to win an overnight stay for two at the Omni William Penn!

There are less than 25 tickets left right now, so if you want to go to that game AND get the replica jersey and see the fireworks and most importantly HELP NEEDY FAMILIES, hurry up and buy your ticket.

My husband and I will be there. I’ll be the curly haired chick who keeps hugging her new Roberto shirt.

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