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The New Hollywood

So, we know Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are in town.

We can add to that Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Ryan Seacrest here for American Idol:

(Fox photo/Michael Becker)

Look how freaking beautiful our city is in the background.

And also just started filming in Pittsburgh this week is the new ABC Family musical Elixir starring Jane Seymour, Chelsea Kane, Drew Seeley and Tom Wopat (!). I wonder if they need any extras to dance awkwardly in the background. I could totally Elaine that.

Remaining to be seen is if Elixir is going to be as awesome as My Fake Fiance, Holiday in Handcuffs (not a porno), or Romancing the Bride, the A-list of made-for-TV movies against which I judge all other made-for-TV movies.

Yes, I’m that much of a dork.


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… and glitter.

Because you can’t talk about unicorns without talking about glitter.

When I saw this shirt on my facebook wall as placed there by the awesome folks at BelieveMerch, I loved the design but didn’t get the reference because I’m sometimes very clueless about pop culture references.

So I took to Google and entered in “Pittsburgh Unicorns” wondering if there might be some obscure semi-pro team in the city called the Pittsburgh Unicorns. Lacrosse maybe? Calvinball?

Instead Google led me to this old page on the Pitt server last updated in 2006 and probably a student project: Pittsburgh Unicorn Rides of Ford City, PA. I just had to share my Internet find with you.

Of course the header image of the blog is glittertastic, because again, you can’t talk about unicorns without talking about glitter. Just like you can’t talk about the Dread Lord Zober without talking about shrieking succubi.

Some awesomeness:

  • Although unicorn blood is fabled to have mystical healing powers, Pittsbugrh (sic) Unicorn Rides is a cruelty-free unicorn ranch. Our unicorns are not only free-range, but they have the best unicorn veterinarian in the world, Jonas Shoecsdaburg, on call 24/7.
  • When Hilary was younger, she thought that unicorns were just mythical animals. Something fake, like evolution. But now, in her ripe old age of nineteen, she realizes that unicorns are real. As an avid fan of the band the Unicorns, a wearer of unicorn charm bracelets, and the co-owner of the Pittsburgh Unicorn riding company, Hilary lives, breathes, and does not eat unicorns.
  • We aim to to eliminate discrimination against “mythical” creatures. Just because unicorns have a horn does not make them any less of an animal, just like the way that you still choose to wear a fannypack after 1993 does not make you any less of a person.
  • Here’s our friend, Mat, with one of our most popular and majestic unicorns, Flufferkins.
  • The feedback page includes testimonials from Bill Cowher, Macauley Culkin, and a zombie.

I hope they got an A just for the fannypack line alone.

Also, if I had a unicorn, I would name it Snuffleberrylumpkins. Or Bob.

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A neighborly day in this beauty wood


Let’s continue with the Mister Rogers theme, why not?

Next Tuesday is the Pittsburgh Foundation’s Day of Giving, a 24-hour period where the Foundation will match a gift you give to any approved organization. You can read the rules here about how it all works (pro-rating, minimum and maximum gifts, etc.). You can search to see if your favorite nonprofit is eligible for the match by clicking here and searching or browsing.

The Day of Giving is a beautiful day in Pittsburgh, regardless of what the sky may be doing on that particular day. It’s a day of frenzied generosity.

If you don’t have a favorite nonprofit, allow me to use my superpower: The Power of Suggestion [swishes cape and runs off in dramatic fashion].

The links take you to the Day of Giving profile page for that organization. In alphabetical order:

1. Allegheny County Court Appointed Special Advocate Program (CASA):  Helping the abused and neglected children of Allegheny County who have no one to advocate for their best interests as they navigate the foster care system. I wrote about them here and here.

2. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation: SICK KIDS. Reminder, this is a separate 990 than UPMC’s. This money goes to the hospital’s nonprofit arm which funds the Free Care Fund, etc.

3. Community and Human Services: Helping the needy individuals and families of Pittsburgh via homeless assistance programs, mental health residential programs, family assistance programs and more. I wrote about them here.

4. Genre’s Kids with Cancer Fund: Helping families of children diagnosed with cancer at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Disclosure: I sit on this board of directors and I write about the organization all the time.

5. Haitian Orphan Rescue: Jamie and Ali’s nonprofit helping Haitian families in the continuing aftermath of the earthquake. Disclosure: I sit on this board of directors and write about these girls all the time.

6. Make A Wish Foundation: Fulfilling the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. I wrote about them here.

Those are my babies, but I’m sure you might have one or two that are near and dear to your heart.

Feel free to shout out in the comments section and tell us who you are donating to and why.

Always looking for new nonprofits to support!


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I shed a tear.

So awesome and found via @allisonyoung on Twitter.

Mr. Rogers sings “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” spanning 33 years.

YouTube Preview Image

Also, I don’t remember if I ever updated you on this, but remember this post?

Apparently Mr. Rogers is not on the WQED schedule during pledge time, but otherwise, you can still find Mr. Rogers on WQED each Sunday morning. I know this because I DVR it religiously for my kids. So that makes me happy.


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From the Criminals Are Stupid All The Time file:

Richard Brubaker, 34, of Springdale, was arrested Monday night as he pretended to be asleep at his home in Etna, police said. Brubaker was wanted for violating conditions of his parole after a 2008 incident in which he took a girl to a crack house in Garfield and tried to get her to smoke marijuana, police said.

Deputies were given an address to a home in the 200 block of Butler Street in Etna, and when they arrived late Monday night, they found Brubaker pretending to be asleep, police said.

First, this is not the first criminal who has tried this tactic.

Second, again, what did he think was going to happen?

Delko: Look! There’s our guy right there on the couch. Let’s arrest him.”

Horatio Caine: Unfortunately, Eric, Mr. Brubaker is sleeping. It looks like we’ll have to let this sleeping dog … [sunglasses] … lie.”


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