George Lucas loves Pittsburgher Dave Nestler

I have written the intro to this post fifteen times and I have deleted them all.

“Pin-up art is –” [delete]

“While I don’t really understand –” [delete]

“I have boobies so I don’t need to –” [delete]

Dave Nestler attended Pitt and then the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he truly found his passion for pin-up art and has gone on to turn that into a career and I have to say, the man is talented.

His art sort of steps over into S&M erotica at times, particularly with his well-known Blonde and Gagged series, and while some among you might not find all of his art very tasteful or respectable and you certainly wouldn’t hang it in your church, you cannot deny the talent.

First, I wanted to share with you a few of his tamer paintings so you can get an idea of what he does without me SHOVING BOOBIES AND BAJINGOS IN YOUR FACE. Click the pics for links to the site.

This is entitled Pajama Party:

This is “Say Hello to My Little Friend” which RAWR BAM BAM BAM GIRL POWER. What?

You can click through his galleries for the boobies on your own.

Also, this is amazingly cool and respectable:

George Lucas set out and gathered over 100 artists who he considered the tops in their respective genres who have NEVER done Star Wars art, and asked them to do their interpretation of a Star Wars piece for a new collective art book.

As much of a Star Wars fan as I was.. I was a huge fan as a kid of George’s first movie “American Graffiti”. So I decided to combine the two. Featuring my model Michelle Radvansky in a princess Lea inspired 60’s diner waitress outfit, I also morphed the 2 vehicles from American Grafitti into Luke’s landspeeders incorporating Mel’s diner and some Star Wars favorites all on Tattooine. 

It was a lot of fun working on this project, even receiving e-mails from George as far as direction in the preliminary sketch phase. And very proud to know that the painting is now part of his personal original art collection as he purchased the painting from me.

I love it. Even that little whatchamacallit on the tray. He was annoying and deserved to be served on a platter to a hungry Wookie.

I also insist you check out the section of his site called Tattoos because HOLY SHIT the things people will have permanently inked on their bodies (kinda NSFW).

Finally, before you email me all, “This is so risque. I can’t believe you consider this art.” I would like to remind you that world-renowned and highly respected artist Georgia O’Keeffe spent years of her life painting vaginas.

(h/t Steve)


  1. Beth
    September 23, 2011 10:57 am

    I LOVE pin-up girls. I think I was born too late, cause I so want to be one!

    Also, I’m gonna check the rest of his stuff out as soon as I get home from work. No boobies allowed here.

  2. Pa-Pop
    September 23, 2011 12:24 pm

    “Painting Vaginas.” New band name?

  3. kevin
    September 23, 2011 1:57 pm

    This is the greatest country in the world! Man I love America.

  4. ErinPatricia
    September 24, 2011 2:14 pm

    Salacious Crumb is the little thing.
    I used to be a huge Star Wars nerd and that is one random thing I still remember lol.
    Dave’s art is pretty damn cool, thanks for the link!