Enraged. And Joe must go.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a portion of this weekend reading the details of the Jerry Sandusky case. If you’re like me, you read the entire Grand Jury report. You read it and you wept. You read it and you got angry at everyone and everything and you wondered if this was real life.

My anger is directed at every single person involved except the kids.

Put aside the first allegation in 1998 when Jerry Sandusky was caught in an inappropriate manner with Victim 1, who was assaulted by Sandusky dozens and dozens of times in Sandusky’s basement.

Let’s go to the 2002 allegation in which Sandusky, now retired but with full access to PSU facilities, was  discovered by a graduate assistant to be raping a boy of 10-years-old in the shower one night. Both of them, Sandusky and Victim 2, completely naked. The victim against the shower wall with Sandusky behind him, raping him. This is hard to read, I know, but we owe it to Victim 2 to read it. He lived it. We read it. We have the lesser evil.

The victim and Sandusky both saw the GA.

The GA walked out, distraught.

And here’s where I get super pissed. You guys, would you have walked out? I don’t understand this. I’m trying, because no one else seems to be angry at the GA, so maybe I’m missing something. I wouldn’t have walked out. If it was my son being raped, I wouldn’t have wanted the witness to walk out. If I was the witness, I would have lathered up all of my rage and I would have gone biblical on Jerry Sandusky. I would have marched into that shower and I would have beat the shit out of him. I realize you can’t really say for sure what you would have done, but I feel very confident that I would have beat the shit out of Jerry Sandusky. I would have grabbed that naked boy and I would have thrown a towel around him and told him it was going to be okay and that Jerry was going away for a long time.

That didn’t happen. The GA walked out and left that boy to the monster. No one else seems angry about that. I don’t understand why.

That GA went to Paterno the next day, and boy, my rage fires up again. You go to Paterno after witnessing the rape of a boy?! Why? WHY? Why not the cops? It’s unfathomable.

Paterno then called his boss. And my rage fires up again. You go to your boss after being told that a boy was raped by your longtime employee and friend just the night before? Now Paterno claims the GA didn’t tell him exactly what he saw and that it was just something such as “fondling” or of a “sexual nature” and that since Sandusky was retired he reported it to his boss rather than authorities. These are the facts of the case.

And here is where I don’t understand why every single person isn’t enraged at Joe Paterno.

Be it rape or fondling or simply something of a sexual nature is cause for the authorities. The cops. The fuzz. It is not the time to call your boss, follow the chain of command, and say, “Jerry may have raped a boy in the shower last night.” And what does it matter if he was retired or not?! How does Jerry’s employment status affect how the chain of command works when the raping of boys on university property is involved? Raping of kids on school property = chain of command out the window.

Everyone is angry at Jerry Sandusky, and rightfully so. Alleged, schmalleged. The grand jury report is beyond damning. I know that monster is going away for life and I have a very good idea what I’d like his prison life to be like, but it wouldn’t be very nice of me to say it here. Paterno’s bosses are gone. Good. I hope they rot in prison for a while too because they chose to cover it up, claiming they were never told of anything sexual in nature having occurred. They never asked the name of the boy. They never went to find him. They let the Second Mile Foundation continue to serve as intake for Jerry Sandusky’s depraved house of preying horrors.

But I’m mad at the graduate assistant too for letting that boy see him and then walking away. What kind of message is that? I see you being raped there, and goodbye. Just know I’m very upset on your behalf. Do you have any idea what it does to a kid to realize that there are adults who know they are being abused and those adults aren’t going to help? Do you remember the girl who shot her abusive father in the face here after years of abuse that her neighbors knew about and did nothing to stop? I received an email from her a year or so ago and while I won’t share with you what she told me, I can tell you that her words made we weep for her. She suffered doubly and she is going to spend possibly the rest of her life in gut-wrenching turmoil because of what the adults in her life DIDN’T do.

I’m mad at Joe Paterno for just doing “enough.” For not immediately calling the police.

Where is the horror he should have felt? Where is the automatic gag reflex from hearing something so atrocious? Where is the innate desire to protect children?

Those that support Paterno say he did what he was supposed to by telling his boss. I say at what point up the PSU  ladder do we get mad it didn’t reach 911?

The first rung with the original witness who chose to run out instead of calling 911? Okay, let’s give him a pass, they say.

With Joe Paterno who chose to tell his boss instead of calling 911? Okay, let’s give him a pass, they say.

And on up until it finally reaches the president and then maybe, just maybe that will be the guy to call 911?

No, Spanier testified to the grand jury that he was told the 2002 incident was just Sandusky in the shower “horsing around” with a boy. That it wasn’t sexual in nature.

Internet, supposing that’s actually what Spanier was told, there is no such thing as an adult “horsing around” in the shower with a boy of ten. That doesn’t exist. There is either a boy taking a shower. Or an adult taking a shower. Or an adult being inappropriate in the shower with a boy. Those are the three options. Spanier should have realized that. Spanier needs to go.  His statement that he finds the allegations “troublesome” is beyond disgusting.

That’s why I’m mad from the bottom rung all the way up to the top. All it took was one rung of the ladder to break and the abuse could have been stopped. It never happened. The buck just kept getting passed while children were victimized.

That’s why they all need to pay. This should have ended that night in 2002.

Those who did criminal things need to pay in the legal system and those who did dismissive things need to pay in other ways. With their careers. With their reputations. They need to pay by looking in the mirror every single day at the person who DIDN’T save the kids. They need to put their heads down each night forever, saying, “I didn’t do enough. I could have done more. I could have called 911. I could have stopped it. I could have saved those kids.

I could have been a hero; not just a witness for the prosecution.”

Joe heard. Joe did ‘enough.’ Joe needs to go too.

Joe says he is “shocked” by the allegations against Sandusky. I say that when you’re told nine years ago that Sandusky was seen raping a boy in the shower on campus, you don’t get to act shocked in 2011 when the harsh light of day is finally shining on that which Penn State University has long tried to keep in the shadows.

May they all rot.


  1. Redmaxbec
    November 10, 2011 1:06 pm

    As a female who is only 5ft tall I have intervined in a physical confrontation between a man a child when I was only 11!!! How could this GA not attempt to stop it right then and there???? Are there any people left that put someone else’s safety before their own? Those poor children, I bet there isn’t a day that goes buy where they are not reminded of this. Is it the Marines that part of their oath is for the strong to protect the weak? Well, this should be a vow from all humanity before none is left!

  2. Steelman
    November 10, 2011 1:58 pm

    Now you can understand why the Boy Scouts do not want gay men as Scout leaders.

  3. asfb
    November 10, 2011 2:06 pm

    No I cannot understand why they don’t let gay men be Scout Leaders. Sandusky wasn’t gay (or at least didn’t admit it.) He was married with at least one child. Neither are any of the other sickos who do this crap to innocent little children. You are making a very incorrect assumption that someone who does this must be gay. When have you heard of this happening where the perpatrator was gay? Wow, how ignorant.

  4. Steelman
    November 10, 2011 2:21 pm

    No, you are the ignorant one if you don’t believe there is a greater risk of a gay man molesting boys under his supervision.

  5. MissChris
    November 10, 2011 2:32 pm

    Most studies have shown that the sexual orientation of the adult had nothing to do with the sex of the child. Do not assume that there is a greater risk of a gay man molesting a boy. what are you basing this assumption on?

  6. Redmaxbec
    November 10, 2011 3:10 pm

    Does this argument really matter? I know many women who have been raped and molested as children and it was always done by a heterosexual male. I don’t think it makes them feel any better the a boy being assulted by a gay male. Pedaphelia is sick no matter who does it or allows it!

  7. Tampa Amy
    November 10, 2011 3:31 pm

    @Steelman – learn a bit about those writers before you use their ultra-conservative slanted articles to try and prove your point. Check out this bit I found about Dougherty (who authored your linked article) on conwebwatch (a site that debunks new media crap like what you linked): http://conwebwatch.tripod.com/stories/2003/wndkennedy.html

    Be very careful when putting all your eggs in one basket to prove your ill-advised ideas. Dougherty hasn’t learned that lesson, and shows it time and again.

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  9. efw_west
    November 14, 2011 5:00 pm

    @anonymous(143)—you say Joe wasn’t an accomplice to rape. Maybe not, but he sure was an enabler. He allowed Sandusky free reign of the campus and facilities, even though he was aware of all accusations. What better way to entice young boys than with behind the scenes access to Penn State football.

    So explain to me how that makes Paterno a “good man” in a terrible situation. There was an ESPN special a year or so ago….between 2002 & 2008 46 players were arrested and 163 charges filed against PSU football players. Maybe the “good man” was a carefully controlled media image and the truth is indeed something else.

  10. toni
    November 15, 2011 3:19 pm

    I’m late on commenting on this post, I know. The whole mess sickens me.

    One thing that was brought up was that the campus POLICE were aware of the situation, but Gary Schultz was in control of those police. This was a cover up.

    Years ago I worked the day shift in a company and came on shift one day to find co-workers that had pulled up a picture, name, description of an employee from a different shift. He was wanted by the federal marshals for raping his TWO YEAR OLD stepchild.

    I went home that nite with the phone number from that website and called. I told the marshal on the phone with me, “I know, you probably got 12 calls on this already but…” You know what he told me? I was the only one who called. THE ONLY ONE.

    I gave him company contact info…boss names, etc to contact and you know what he wanted me to do? Thursday was payroll day and I was to call him when the guy in question came in to pick up his paycheck!!!!

    So I am the only one to report this guy in the first place and now Im furtively trying to determine when he walks in to get paid! I could’nt help but think why am I feeling like Im in danger for doing the right thing???!!! Why isn’t this marshall busting ass to get to a higher up and snag this sicko. I don’t know if they ever caught him or not…I just know I made the phone call.