Year-end wrap-up. Suck it. Part I.

Yeah, I hear you whining. “I hate these lists. I don’t want to read a recap or a ‘best-of’ list or wah wah wah.”

Call the wahmbulance and suck on this: A look back at 2011 on That’s Church.

Did I say “suck it” yet? Because, SUCK IT.

January 2011:

— Ben Roethlisberger gets engaged and I go all BLLLLLLL on the local media.

— The Steelers play the Ravens and I get scared and go all “Hell hath no fury like a Pittsburgh blogger desirous of Tom Brady’s balls on a stick.” There’s a connection.

— Kevin Smith goes on a Twitter rant about how he left his heart in Pittsburgh.

What They’re Really Thinking: Shit List Edition. Gotta admit, that second picture made me LOL. I can be a funny bitch when I want to be. This is also the first appearance of RANDOM DUDE NAMED BROWN. That dude just won his team’s MVP award. Wow.

— I got lost in Giant Eagle and OMG did I go OFF ON THOSE BITCHES.

What They’re Really Thinking: AFC Championship Edition. I LOL’d again. I AM a funny bitch! I AM! Also, sorry no WTRT after last week’s game. It was Christmas Eve Day. I barely watched that game.

February 2011:

— The Steelers go to the Super Bowl, and the strip clubs. Bow-chicka-bow.

What They’re Really Thinking: Super Bowl XLV Edition. Sad panda. But boy, that Christina Aguilera … WTF was she smoking?

— I start getting excited for Pirates ball. WTF was I smoking?

— An EMT gets her job back and I EXPLODE.

March 2011

— In defense of the fan that leaves early.

— I discover Fabian lives in Pittsburgh and I FREAK THE EFF OUT.

— Punxsutawney Phil was in a parade and he played possum.

— A tornado touches down in Hempfield and some yinzer dude caught in on tape in a glorious yinzer accent.

— I admit I’m a republican and EVERYONE FREAKS THE EFF OUT.

April 2011

— I really really regret admitting I’m a republican.

— My brother-in-law caught a foul ball and CHANGED THE WORLD.

— Make Room for Kids 2.0 rolls out, outfitting the Frequent Fliers ward at Children’s Hospital.

May 2011

— Don’t piss Dave Bondy off, people. He will whip his phone at you!

— Rashard goes all stupid on Twitter and I go crazy mad.

— My graduation party picture displays some amazing hair and my mother’s atrocious decorating skills.

— The Pirates are playing .514 ball on May 9, 2011 and I celebrate with Psych.

— My husband and BIL try to assemble a Cozy Coupe Car and hell breaks loose. This post was hit a lot this Christmas.

June 2011

— Free range diaper-clad toddler take over the streets.

— Drunk Amish are kinda funny.

— I tear both of my carotid arteries (yes, we now know I tore both, which is SUPER RARE. Blockage of 50% in one and 65% in the other) and take a medical leave.

Later, we’ll look at July through December.




  1. Butcher's Dog
    December 30, 2011 10:39 am

    That’s Church: where Righteous Indignation goes to blossom! And while I’m not convinced about the “bitch” part, you sure are funny when you want to be and sometimes when you don’t. Just another in a long list of reasons why we minions keep coming back.

    Bated breath until Part II comes out.

  2. red pen mama
    December 30, 2011 11:59 am

    Now we know how you tore BOTH carteroid arteries: Dancing like Dule Hill. Love that show!

    Man, I can’t wait until we get to the Hittsburgh post. *jumping up and down in excitement*