“Youdge kielbasa”

If you haven’t kept up with the comments to the Allegheny Ecstasy post, then you are missing out on some fantastic reader submissions for lines we’re hoping appear in the Pittburgh-set trashy romance novel. After I suggested, “He brought his steed to an unexpected halt at the mouth of the tunnel,” you guys came up with:

From cnik:

-Their passion, kept apart by rivers and bridges they were afraid to cross.

-She was left feeling as empty as a parking spot without a chair.


She noticed that Kennywood was open, so she took out his youdge kielbasa, played arahnd dahnnair for a bit and then he gave her a tahl to worsh herself off.


Held tightly in his arms, she looked up at him with big blue eyes and said, “Are you…are you going to put fries on that?”

Moxie Bestos:

She was inclined to Mt. his Washington and let him pour steel into her ingot, but Pirates steelered her away. Her gateway clippered, he realized with sadness he could not occupy her Pittsburgh.


– Though he was very familiar with navigating her northern regions, he was completely lost on the southern end.

– Even though he wasn’t from around these parts, she still allowed him to ride for free inside the golden triangle.

Dr Kevlar:

He hovered for a moment over The Top of the Triangle, then plunged through her Crystal Palace to the Point where the Three Rivers Converge in a Fountain of Ecstasy…The Fedko Zone.

SO much perfection. You guys are the wittiest bunch ever.


  1. Butcher's Dog
    February 6, 2012 10:50 am

    All good, but Monty wins for sheer local dialect-ness.

    • Dr Kevlar
      February 6, 2012 8:44 pm

      I am honored to be selected, but agree totally that Monty’s is an inspired submission!