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4. Robert Morris University Island Sports Center was the PA Interscholastic Hockey League championship game, and when the announcer let the audience know they didn’t have anyone to sing the anthem before the game between Indiana Little Indians and Quigley Spartans, THIS happened:

YouTube Preview Image

And they knew the lyrics. PAY ATTENTION, CHRISTINA AGUILERA.

(h/t Jaime)

5. The Post-Gazette launched their new colorful, rainbowtastic site yesterday. I’ll let you know my thoughts AS SOON AS I’M DONE SCROLLING.

So much scrolling.

6. The AIGA PGH365 Awards Ceremony and Gallery Opening is taking place on Thursday, March 22 at Guardian Storage in the Strip. This year the event features:

  • An open bar with microbrews from East End Brewing Company, wine and hors d’œuvres
  • Live screen printing with Commonwealth Press
  • PGH365 Photobooth by Renee Rosensteel
  • Music by DJ Fernando Hammer

Details here and admission is SUPER affordable. Also, now I’m craving craft beer.

7. When I first read an email about “Save Second Base” I was like, WHO IS HURTING SECOND BASE?!

Then I saw the shirts and [lightbulb!]:

Save the boobies! I like the “Take Care of Your Rack” shirt too.

Burgher Debi Kravets is participating in Avon’s Save Second Base Walk this year and has to raise $1,800. She’s hosting a happy hour at Le Brew House on East Carson St. on March 23 at 5:00 p.m. featuring martinis, prizes, merchandise and more. Funds benefit the Avon Foundation for Breast Cancer.

8. That creepy dude who put a microphone under his estranged wife’s bed to listen for when she was having sex, made it onto Jezebel. Beaver County REPRESENT.

(h/t Paul)

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22 comments on this post.
  1. Ty:

    I could get behind the whole crowd yelling the national anthem being the standard. That was much more uplifting and inspiring than it being a solo act. Although it does illustrate how hard it is to sing, even as a group you can hear them strain to hit those high notes.

  2. spoon:

    I still find it odd that the song wasn’t available since just about every game there has a recorded version of it playing.

  3. red pen mama:

    1. Ginny you did a *great* job, especially if you didn’t prepare! That guy is a good interviewer, too, but you were fantastic!

    2. I like those sports tees. I’m going to go check those out.

  4. Moxie Bestos:

    Love the Save Second Base t-shirt, but it seems like those baseballs are printed pretty high up. If someone were to, ahem, field those baseballs, they’d get a handful of clavicle.

  5. PA Girl in VA:

    As cool as I think it is that the crowd took it upon itself to sing the National Anthem, I still hate that there were the jackasses that had to ruin it by going “bum, bum, bum” between every line and that the teams didn’t catch on to what was happening and stand quietly and respectfully while it was being sung.

  6. Butcher's Dog:

    Yeah, the new P-G website is colorful ‘n ‘at, but there’s 3 minutes of my life I’m not getting back watching the damn introductory video that I couldn’t X out of. Don’t need that shit on web sites.

  7. bucdaddy:

    1. bucdaddy is willing to do some field research on that question if YOU are. *wink*

    3. Damn, I think I sold or gave away my Pittsburgh Maulers shirt at a year sale, or maybe to Goodwill or something. And now it’s worth HOW much? Damn damn damn.

    6. Scott Smith makes good beer.

  8. johnaz6312:

    You sounded like you look!! It was a good interview! Congrats!

  9. bucdaddy:

    Ugh. YARD sale.*

    *–Tag sale, if you’re in New England.

  10. Burghermeister:

    The Pittsburgh Draping submission would have greatly benefited from an HDR treatment, what with the high contrast sky in the background- love the concept though!

  11. Beatrice:

    Great interview, Ginny! I really enjoyed listening to it!

  12. Dan (Not Onorato):

    Great interview Ginny. I enjoyed listening to it as well.

    Will be checking out the athletic t-shirts when I get home (the site is blocked here!)

  13. Jill:

    I saw a Maulers jacket in the CVS on Smithfield Street not too long ago. It was pretty awesome.

  14. Debi Kravets:

    Thanks so much for posting our event Ginny! You are awesome as usual! Hope lots of people can make it out!

  15. jann:

    #4 I’m proud of those kids!

    I think the bum,bum, bum was just kids being kids – Glad they were enthusiastic.

  16. Sam's Dog:

    Bucdaddy, at the risk of running afoul of Butcher’s reffing, I’ll agree that Scott does make a damn good brew.

  17. suzie-Q:

    I agree….good for them for forging ahead and singing….!!

  18. suzie-Q:

    LOVE the interview….GREAT job Ginny!!!

  19. facie:

    Thanks for sharing that about the Little Indians. Made my day, really, particularly because I grew up in Indiana County.

    Now off to check your interview. :-)

  20. Butcher's Dog:

    Upon further review, this play is legal.

  21. Sam's Dog:

    Good Call, Ref!

  22. Brett:

    A bit late on the comment, I really enjoyed the interview, I’ve not heard many ‘Burgher’s speak so can’t comment on your accent :) The interview though was good, your answers what I would expect from reading your blog.

    In response to the “do people take notice of these lists” question / commentary, heck yes they do. We (myself, Wife and 6 year old Son) are wanting to move to the USA from Australia and these lists have been helpful in narrowing down potential locations to settle down. Pittsburgh is pretty much on top of the list at the moment, due to placings on such lists as liveable city, best places for schooling for children etc. I guess having the Pens there helps a great deal as well, even if it didn’t rate as a top sports city.