Random n’at

7. Sixteen things Calvin and Hobbes said better than anyone else.

Also, if I may add, “Oh, great altar of passive entertainment, bestow upon me thy discordant images at such a rate as to render linear thought impossible.”

I just typed that from memory, but I bet I’m not more than three words off.

Me is to Calvin and Hobbes as David Conrad is to Shakespeare. That’ll be on the SATs I bet.

(h/t Jonathan)

8. You. With the face. Tell me where I can buy these online:

Because I will rock that thing to the fullest.

(h/t Mikey)

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  1. Noelle:

    If you like the Monroeville video, you’ll like this! http://www.lileks.com/institute/motel/index.html

  2. ketchup is a veggie:

    I said to my better half on Friday nite, “I could go for some Pup-A-Go-Go” My boys had no idea.

  3. Woy:

    I saw Frankly Scarlett a couple weeks ago thanks to a kind invitation from @andreadisaster and @carmanavenue. A great performance!

    Check out this video of the Monongahela Mermaid from that show – awesome!


  4. SusanV:

    My husband and I were both giggling about Fake Julie’s tweet yesterday! Whoever writes @FakeJulieBologna is so clever! (I like to think it’s really REAL Julie Bologna just faking us out…)

  5. Larry:

    Wow… Kuehn’s dairy! My grandfather used to swear by their milk, so on a regular basis, we’d pack up the (returnable) bottles and troupe over from West Mifflin to Kuehn’s! (I don’t remember ice cream, but I have vague memories of their buttermilk!)

    Also, when they showed the fountain at Horne’s in the mall, my first thought was “the ice rink! show the ice rink!”. Ahh, that place where I fell a million times and still couldn’t stand up on skates, lesson after lesson… (when I learned how to play hockey, years later, I wished I could’ve gone back to the old MM rink and skated a few times around it…!)

  6. Liz:

    Thanks for the write up! We’re all That’s Church fans, so it means a lot!

  7. bucdaddy:

    2. Balloon animals are a lost art. Bravo, Amber!

    6. Gotta love those ’60s cars. Bigger than aircraft carriers, every one of them. Pittsburgh steel and Detroit muscle, both gone forever.

    I split a job between Monroeville and Greensburg for awhile and lived in Swissvale for a year in the early ’80s. Much of that stuff was still around then (certainly the mall; I worked out of the ExpoMart, which I guess came along later).

    Memory lane, right there.

  8. Clare:

    Amber is a lovely young lady. She was hired by my friends mother to come to a birthday party last summer, not only did the kids love her… but she loved them and was wonderful with them! A true good business woman! Very impressed. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. YinzerInExile:

    Ok, I have been googling every permutation of “green parrot pirate winter hat Pittsburgh” since the game and I CANNOT FIND THEM. But I need one. Oh, sweet baby Jesus, I NEED ONE.

    Anyone? Please? Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  10. TripleC:

    And Monroeville still looks exactly the same today.

  11. Shawna:

    We bought that Parrot head hat for my daughter at the game on Sunday. She’s 2 1/2 and rocked it way better than Greg Brown & Steve Blass.

  12. mmd:

    I wouldn’t say Monroeville looks exactly the same today. A lot of different buildings and a lot of remodeled buildings.

  13. empirechick:

    Best C&H strip was with Calivn hammering nails into the coffee table. His dad screams ‘What are you doing?!?!’ Calvin: [blink] Is that a trick question?

    Still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  14. hello haha narf:

    MUST HAVE THAT HAT!! as soon as i saw mikey post that picture i fell in love with it. promise me you’ll clue me in when you find them.

  15. Erin:

    Gimbel’s! Would love to see more videos like that, of other parts of town.

  16. hello haha narf:

    a friend works for the pirates. she called the team store and apparently they are $24 and sold out over the weekend… they are in the process of re-ordering.
    i’m officially stalking these hats and will keep you posted.

  17. Aileen:

    Here’s what I found on Merriam-Webster’s on-line dictionary after typing in “inclimate”:

    The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.


    Well, there you have it.

    By the way, I love Craig Wolfley, but is he going with a Keisel-like tribute? I would not have known that was him without the caption.

  18. MattDC:

    Kind of like watching Mad Men and forgetting some of those things existed. Electrical poles and wires, everywhere. Even the “small” cars were so freakin big they had to invent suburban sprawl just to park ‘em. We stuffed a whole refrigerator in the trunk of the family 62 Mercury. And just looking at some of those interior shots has me hacking from the sheer memory of second hand smoke. The musical accompaniment is perfect.

  19. Addi:

    We’d be remiss not to remind you that Abby Fudor was featured along with her beau last fall for their amazing karate kid costumes, too! Members of Frankly Scarlett have been on That’s Church so much that we probably should’ve called “BINGO” by now.

  20. bucdaddy:

    Is the Penn Monroe still there?

    Used to eat/drink there some.

    Also, a history question: When was the bypass built?

  21. mmd:

    Yes the Penn Monroe is still there.

    The Bypass opened in 1962 according to Wikipedia.

  22. LaReina:

    Dahn the sahth hills, dahn Upper St. Clair, it was the “Moo Shop” or the “Hot Shoppes.”