The zoo’s new baby otter will make it all better


I’ve named him Poopsie and he is my snugglemuffin.


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  1. John:

    I love the pidgeons!!!

    just kiddin…love the otter

  2. Noelle:

    They like to hold hands and if this video doesn’t make you SQUEEEEEEEEE then there is a cold, black hole where your heart used to be (rhyming not intended).

  3. bluzdude:

    At first I thought you wrote “Absorbs” and I was thinking, “well, maybe, if you apply him right…”

  4. Janelle:


    One of my favorite is baby moose. It’s like they need to grow into all of their large body parts.

  5. Virginia:

    I could watch that all day. Oh my.

  6. Virginia:

    I would think a baby sheep would be the most absorbent of baby animals.

  7. Virginia:

    Look at the baby moose!

  8. k:

    I assume you have visited

  9. Erin:

    Ooooof – I don’t know. The platypus and the eyes on that anteater are making me feel sort of squicky. And dear God, the pigeons – that is horrible.

  10. Erin:

    Love the baby aardvark, with those ears!

  11. kelly:

    I love that website!

    My heart cannot handle all the cute that baby otter is dishing out.

  12. Sue:

    Awwwwwww! I want one of all of them. Maybe not the pigeons. So cuuuttteee!

  13. nycldenise:

    Did you know that the sea otters hold hands to keep from drifting apart from each other? Doesn’t that just make you want to hug a puppy? I can’t handle all the cute.

  14. hello haha narf:

    otters make me happy. baby otters make my heart soar. and sleeping baby otters? make me happy girl wiggle.

  15. addiful:

    OH MY GAWD. I’ve never wanted kids, but now I’m CERTAIN I want to give birth to a baby otter.

  16. Calliedog7:

    What is the matter with all of you? The baby pigeons are just as cute as the other babies. I love them.

  17. Jen M:


  18. red pen mama:

    I just died from the cute of the baby platypus.