Wiz Khalifa was again cited for marijuana possession, this time in Nashville Saturday night, which is like finding out Toby Keith got cited for grabbing a sweet badonkadonk at the honkey tonk. Internet, when is Wiz NOT in possession of marijuana?

As I’ve written before, the man sings ODES to weed. He has an album of songs almost entirely dedicated to weed. He throws rolling papers out to his crowds.

It is his schtick.

According to police reports, officers responded to a Holiday Inn in Nashville on Saturday night, where front desk personnel told police they had already told guests in a seventh-floor room they had received complaints of marijuana odor.

Officers immediately noticed the pot smell coming from room 725, according to police reports.

When police knocked, Lonnie Howard, 27, of Hazelwood opened the door and Mr. Khalifa, 24, threw a marijuana cigarette out the window, police said.

Police asked if there was any more pot in the room.

Mr. Howard said there was not, then said he had some in his pocket, according to police reports. Police documented varying totals for the amount of pot in his pocket, but it was at least 2.7 grams.

I’m about to say the uncoolest uncool thing that ever uncooled in Pittsburgh.

I’m not cool with Wiz too much.

I love Black and Yellow and I love that he loves Pittsburgh and gosh darn it, I love me some DJ Bonics like you would not believe. But Wiz?


I’m tired of the stoner schtick and I’m especially not liking him lighting up enough weed in the Holiday Inn that guests on the floor smelled it enough to be driven to complain. And I’m not liking him not listening to hotel staff when he was alerted that complaints were coming in. It’s just so damn selfish. What if it was a pregnant woman next door? Or small children? Pregnant women are obsessive about staying away from REGULAR smoke, so you can imagine how much they would try to avoid marijuana smoke. And I’d probably freak a little if I thought my kids were inhaling second-hand marijuana smoke.

This is the Holiday Inn after all, not the Ritz Carlton. It’s not the right place to pull rock star attitude and thump your chest and say, “I will smoke what I want. I say who! I say when! I say who!”

I think I’m just quoting Pretty Woman now.

I don’t know. Just grow up, I guess. Smoke your weed on your tour bus and maybe check your checking account because I’m pretty sure you can afford better than the Holiday Inn.

Was Howard Johnson’s full?

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  1. spoon:

    You take an empty roll of TP, you stick a pencil through one end and cram it full of dryer sheets. When you exhale you blow into it. No smell. Its like a Brita for your smoke.

    Wiz, I’ll send you the bill for that one.

  2. nycldenise:

    The first thing I thought when I read the complaint was:

    “He stays at the Holiday Inn?!??”

    I mean, really? REALLY?

  3. AngryMongo:

    “Pregnant women are obsessive about staying away from REGULAR smoke, so you can imagine how much they would try to avoid marijuana smoke.”

    Ginny, you don’t get out to certain parts of WestMoCo. that much, do ya? Like East of us…

  4. MN:

    He must have brain cells in abundance to keep killing them off like this!

  5. Cassie:

    I, too, thought that about the Holiday Inn. But isn’t there a rap song about how awesome the Holiday Inn is?

  6. Cassie:

    I was right! Chingy and Mayor Luke’s best friend, Snoop Dogg!

  7. Noelle:

    This was 100% my first reaction too.

  8. Virginia:

    HAH! Bill him! He may just be so stoned he’ll actually pay it.

  9. Virginia:

    Great find. :)

  10. Monty:

    I remember being a little kid, just learning how to read, looking at the old cursive Holiday Inn sign near Churchill every time we drove by it and thinking it said “Holiday Gun.”

    That was some confusing shit to Little Me.

  11. Carpetbagger:

    I want to see him in the next Holiday Inn Express commercial.

    Are you the pilot?

    No, bra. But I did stay at a… oh, where’d I stay last night… damn, they’re popping pills, I’m rolling weed. Even got a couple bad b-tches overseas. (inhales) What was da queshion?

  12. Julia:

    Sorry, but I don’t even like his songs. You know how I know the Steelers were bound to lose the first game of the playoffs this past January? When their mascot was Steely McBeam and their anthem was Black and Yellow.

  13. Julie:

    That was my reaction as well. If you are staying at a Holiday Inn in Nashville…then you deserve what you get…lol.

  14. Andrew:

    But Steelly does fix potholes and dug a tunnel under the river! You have to give him some credit.

  15. Magus Patris:

    I give him as much respect as that picture deserves.

  16. J:

    i’m glad i’m not the only person that feels this way. i couldn’t loathe him more. it’s just blatant narcassism. he doesn’t need to be an upstanding citizen and role model, but could we at least pretend to try to be a bit more respectful of others?

    and as a pregnant woman, who lived in the city for quite some time, i would also avoid marijuana smoke. it’s never ok with me, even while i’m not pregnant.

  17. Suzie-Q:

    Hmmmm didn’t Wiz recently purchase a crib (not the baby type) in Canonsburg for 900,000?? I sure hope he doesn’t invite the neighbors over to the joint for some smokin food…

    P.S. Looks like he does not wash his tighty whities and jeans separately…

  18. ali:

    Well. Wiz does not produce the most profound rhymes, he does not pair them with the most subtle beats. As you said, Ginny, its his schtick. I don’t have a problem with it; in fact, I make a habit of not having a problem with it because he’s trying so damn hard to be offensive. Whatever. Yes, he could be more respectful. But more importantly, Holiday Inn? wtf?

    Monty, i love it. I’m a south hills girl: the first word I learned to spell was S-h-e-r-a-t-o-n. It was across the street from South Hills Village, and I stared at that big neon red sign as we departed from our weekly shopping trip.

  19. Lisa:

    If blatant narcassism is the obvious excessive fascination with narcotics, this guy’s all about it. :-D

  20. Dan (Not Onorato):

    Bottom line is…complete stoner move…

    And get that boy a sammich…

  21. Gina:

    How have I never heard of this, considering I majored in this shit in college?

  22. Virginia:

    Oh, man. If I could star a comment this comment would be STARRED.

  23. Gina:

    I am pretty laid back when it comes to weed – to each his own. But that’s just the thing – when you’re in a public place, it’s not just your own, it’s everybody else’s too. As soon as the hotel told him about it, he should have stopped (or like you said – gone to his bus). I feel the same way about cigarette smoke – smoke yourself silly, but not where it can bother me or my kids.

  24. spoon:

    You should have gone to Pitt with me :)

  25. bucdaddy:

    Ease up, man’s gotta cut corners SOMEwhere to pay for that posh pad in Canonsburg.

  26. bucdaddy:


  27. Ex-Pat Pittsburgh Girl:

    I was about to post the same thing, but I can assure you that it’s not limited to WestMoCo. I see it all of the time pretty much everywhere, especially among the lower-income twentysomething set.

  28. Butcher's Dog:

    Anyone else besides me give a rat’s ass that this weed stuff is enriching Mexican drug cartels, many of whom are killing not only each other (which I applaud) but innocent bystanders? Just curious. If the weed was certified to come from someone’s back 40 in Fayette County, fine. Otherwise, we’re encouraging the crooks.

    Just sayin’.

  29. bucdaddy:

    U.S. drug policy is encouraging the crooks, exactly the way Prohibition encouraged speakeasies, stills and rumrunning.

    Those who ignore the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them.

  30. bucdaddy:

    Oh yeah, legalization of marijuana would have the side benefit of putting knuckleheads like Wiz out of business. It would be like rapping an entire album about drinking beer. Who would care?* It’s the very illegal-ness of what they boast of doing that gives rappers a cache with certain segments of society.

    *–Well, depends on the beer, can I get a witness, Spoon?

  31. bucdaddy:

    Whoever thought up Steely McBeam was tokin’.

    Just sayin’.

  32. bucdaddy:

    Probably that should read “mistakes of the past.”

    I hope someday Americans will be able to look back at this era as some kind of insane phase we went through, locking up tens of thousands of otherwise honest citizens who wanted nothing more than to come home at the end of a shitty day at work and, like the beer and whiskey drinkers, knock a few back to forget about it for awhile. Much like I hope that governments handing over hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to wealthy businessmen to build stadia while schools fall apart will have people in future, saner times scratching their heads and asking “WTF WERE they thinking?”

    When might that be? 100 years from now? 200?

    The change is going to take someone with huge charisma and even bigger balls in charge. But the fact that even for someone with as obviously lefty an agenda as Obama this doesn’t even appear to be on the table is discouraging.

    Granted, he’s had a few other hand grenades to juggle.*

    *–Dear Secret Service: The reference to hand grenades was meant metaphorically, not as a threat, no matter what Ted Nugent might hope. You guys can go back to stiffing your Bolivian/Colombian/Falkland Islands hookers now, in both senses of the word.

  33. ali:

    word, bucdaddy.

  34. Sam's Dog:

    Maybe we’d (unintentional pun) be ok if the snack food lobby spent more than big pharm. If medicinal marijuana is indeed a thing, the pharmaceutical giants won’t be able to profit. Maybe that has something to do with weed being listed along with heroin as a Class 1 narcotic. Not that I have any knowledge about any of this, and if the Secret Service comes looking for you, someone stole my computer and sent this.

  35. LisaB:

    bucdaddy is my favorite poster, after Ginny herself.

  36. bucdaddy:

    Aw, shucks. Ain’t nothin’.

    *directs gaze downward, awkwardly shuffles feet*

    Thankee kindly.

  37. Dr Kevlar:

    Actually, “Rappers Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang had a line that went: “Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn…if memory serves…those were the days! Big Bank Hank and the boys.

  38. bucdaddy:

    And Public Enemy had “Burn, Holiday Inn, burn, I smell a riot goin’ on …”

    Or maybe I’m remembering it wrong …

  39. unsatisfied:

    pitt. where you can smoke that shit. and, get away with it.

    (not that I would know.)

  40. Brian:

    What a waste of space… sigh.