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8. Dear Lukey, “doohickeys” is actually a word. I dare you to use it in a press release. Speaking of which, three times was the charm because his staff managed to finally put the correct word in the press release. Someone needs to make a shirt all “inclimate inclemate inclement!”

9. CHILLS. From Benstonium:

YouTube Preview Image

10.  A little girl in Children’s Hospital, Lanie, who is fighting leukemia, and hopefully will get some smiles out of all that gaming Make Room for Kids delivered, has a wish … to meet iCarly. You can help by liking or sharing her Facebook page!

You can see that yesterday her parents almost lost her, but she fights on. Would that I could punch cancer in the throat for her.

(h/t Gina)

11. If you’re going to Saturday’s Pittsburgh Power game, be sure to let the Power know that you want your ticket proceeds donated to Team Tassy, which is the nonprofit charity chosen to benefit from this game. Tassy will even be there to do the coin toss!

I wish I could figure out how to buy tickets online, because their webpage is a giant bag of fail on that.

12. I always thought Andrew McCutchen’s hair was in braids. I never realized they were dreads. How unobservant of me. Either way, watch this. It’s kinda swoony and a bit [smolder].

YouTube Preview Image

(h/t MostlyMartha on Twitter)

13. This video is raw footage of Rick Earle touring the Florida house where alleged [snort] murderer Ken Konias was captured. Start at 1:17 in and pay attention to the girl in the background. She is a superstar! Then jump to 2:28. LOL.

3:07, she blatantly eye-bangs the camera.

Get this girl a reality show.

(h/t @thisisunique)

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14 comments on this post.
  1. tehamy:

    I made Mindy’s meatloaf over the weekend. I can say that hands down, it is the best meatloaf that I’ve ever had. That sauce is to die for. I really did want to just eat it with a spoon.

  2. PA Girl in VA:

    That interview is SO funny – no matter what the reporter asks, her response is, “I don’t know.” What a waste of time.

  3. rickh:

    13. Get her some Hittsburgh gear pronto!

  4. Chris:

    My niece Mackenzie is part of Girls of Steel! They are in St. Louis as I type this :-)

  5. Magus Patris:

    OK, on the ‘Cutch video at 1:42, did anyone else think badass Princess Leia hair, or just me?

  6. Erin:

    Omg that was the most painful interview ever.
    “What was his plan?”
    “He was going to Jamaica.”
    “So where was he going?”
    For some reason I found that background girl to be charming, not annoying. I hope she isn’t a prostitute but I have a bad feeling, given what I’ve read of this house and what she said about Summer.

  7. biggeorge:

    you need to get a gray card of a lens wipe that is 18% gray. Hold it up in front of your camera to get your exposure set to the middle, then you can adjust as needed. Just remember that for every “click” you raise on, the f-stop or speed, the other one goes down.

    it is confusing but once you get that, you just check and adjust.




  8. Janelle:

    I’m going to my parents’ house this weekend, and I’m really tempted to drive into Connellsville just to see that telephone pole in person.

  9. AngryMongo:

    2. Suck it Portland!

    3. facepalm. We all passed the pic around Facebook yesterday. I’d say the wires are doing most of the work. That’s right in downtown West Side, about five minutes from my parents’.

  10. bucdaddy:

    10. I’d let you punch me in the cancer, but I only have one left.

    (PSA: Check your sack, Jack)

    13. No. No, she doesn’t. Absolutely not. The airwaves are polluted with far too many famewhores and talentless shmucks as it is.

    And what the hell do we need to see the Konias house for anyway? They sent Rick Earle to FLORIDA for a house tour? To show us what? Konias is George Washington or something? “He slept here. He f***ed Miss Eyebang over there …” Couldn’t they have just called a Florida affiliate and asked it to run somebody over there? Damn, the economy must be doing better than everybody thinks, if the station has that kind of cash to throw around.

    Unless Rick went to Florida on vacation and wanted to write it off as a business trip or something … that I could understand.

  11. LisaB:

    I never realized what a beautiful smile Cutch has, or just how smokin’ hot he really is.


  12. Suzie-Q:

    Congratulations to Mackenzie and all the Girls of Steel….that is AWESOME !!!

  13. Suzie-Q:

    The video from Florida….ohhh my….the young girl is applying makeup as the older (and bewildered) woman speaks!!!!

  14. Sue:

    10. Lanie is from my hometown and, sadly, she lost her battle with cancer on Saturday. She sure had a lot of people praying for her and trying to help her meet iCarly but it just wasn’t in the cards for her. Sweet, sweet little girl. Thank you for helping to try to get her wish to her.