Mister Rogers Winners!

(Benjamin Wagner filming in Pittsburgh)

I selected three winners via Random.org. Two will receive autographed copies of both the Mister Rogers & Me DVD and the Mister Rogers & Me soundtrack CD which is full of Benjamin Wagner’s own music.

Those winners are Lee in Irwin who commented:

I remember when he won the lifetime achievement award from the daytime Emmys and they played the clip of Mister Rogers with Jeff Erlanger from 1980 – Jeff is a physically disabled boy in a wheelchair – they sang ‘it’s you I like” – and when the clip was over, the now adult Jeff came onstage – and Mister Rogers, foregoing all decorum, ran up on stage to hug him…… Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel…….

And I liked when he fed his fish during the show….I miss him…

And Kristy who commented:

I always loved watching him feed the fish.

I would love to watch this documentary. I think of Mister Rogers as something of a spiritual influence on my life. My youngest son was born on March 20 this year–Mister Rogers’ birthday. I hope maybe he’ll help guide my son throughout his life. :)

The third winner will receive MY copy of Mister Rogers & Me, which is not autographed but I wanted to give it away so someone else could watch the documentary as well. That goes to Kris who commented:

I was able to meet Mr. Rogers as an adult when he spoke at a conference I attended. I agree with Robin above he was such a kind and gentle man.

Winners have been emailed to claim their prizes. If you didn’t win, you can buy the documentary on DVD or iTunes by clicking here.


  1. Butcher's Dog
    June 1, 2012 12:46 pm

    Seems as though winner # 3 gets hers in the true spirit of Mr. Rogers. Thanks, Ginny, for everything.

  2. Jayne
    June 1, 2012 12:48 pm

    After watching the clip you posted, I had to get it, it came today! Can’t wait to watch it.

  3. Bojack
    June 2, 2012 10:51 pm

    #3 shows your wonderful, huge heart!

    diff sub- Your “kangaroo burger” Tweet-

    You’re too young to remember probly, but kangaroo meat in
    burgers (un-announced) is why there are no more Winky’s anywhere,
    let alone in Wilmerding!