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Ashanti and Bonics giveaway time!

Let’s head into the weekend that the Pirates take over first place in their division (from my fingers to God’s ears) with a pretty kickass giveaway benefiting the Pittsburgh Promise!

If you don’t know what the Pittsburgh Promise is, I assume you’re visiting this site from Jupiter’s fifth moon and to you I say nanu-nanu.

The details!

What: Two readers will be selected to win two tickets each to the Ignite the Promise: Charity Concert and Dance-A-Thon. This event will feature performances by Ashanti, G. Love, DJ Bonics, DJ Zimmie and more! It is hosted and chaired by Kiya and Mike Tomlin. Plus there are promises of various Steelers being in attendance.  All proceeds will benefit The Pittsburgh Promise and every $1.50 raised will be matched with $1 from UPMC!

When: The event starts on Thursday, June 14 at 8:30 p.m. at Stage AE and it runs through the night with lots of fun, music and a midnight snack buffet, and lasts right into Friday morning with a sunrise BBQ and sunrise yoga!

Where: Stage AE

Cost: Tickets are $50 each, so this giveaway is valued at $200.

To enter: Leave a comment! One comment per valid email address. Any comment will do, but so you have something to say, tell me what your favorite, most memorable concert you’ve ever attended in Pittsburgh was. Mine, easily New Kids on the Block at the Civic Arena, with the most memorable moment being when Jordan ripped his shirt open. Fifteen-year-old me trembles in her jelly shoes and says, “Mrrrowr.”

You have until Monday at 5:00 p.m. to enter at which time will select the two winning comments. If you don’t win, go here to buy the tickets! 

Good luck!

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Public Television’s Tupac

There are no words.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to all of you who shared this with me.

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The Pirates are having fun.

Last night Casey McGehee hit a solo homer against Cincinnati to put the Pirates up 7-2. After touching home plate, his teammates decided to play a little joke on him by giving him zero reaction whatsoever when he returned to the dugout.

Not a high five or a sports butt slap or a golf clap or anything.

YouTube Preview Image

Boy, I love this team.

This is the year. Get on the bandwagon. We have margarita-infused Sno-Cones, people.

And I saw a naked boob back there somewhere.

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Dear Mark Appel,

Dude. I get it.

I truly honestly seriously get it.

You’re 20. You’re a star at Stanford. You’ve been told to expect to go first in the MLB draft. You got used to the idea of being in Houston where you were born and where they have up to $7.2 million to spend on their first pick. You saw that future in your agent’s crystal ball, never realizing that crystal ball was really just a toy magic eight-ball shouting out as loud as it could that the answer was “cloudy.” But you couldn’t hear that over the likely growing din of SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS and FIRST OVERALL MLB DRAFT PICK.

Who could, though? Were that me, I’d be all, “LA-LA-LA-LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” because that’s who we are when we’re that age. We are young. Everything is every thing. Life is still a ball of clay we’re rolling around absentmindedly in our hands while we take our time to decide what we’re going to mold it into. And you, well, your everything is a much bigger Every Thing. Your ball of clay a bit bigger and you already had it shaped and ready to show.

You’re on the precipice of fame and fortune and entering into the realm of pop culture and possible sports heroism. So I get that. I get what a huge disappointment it is to expect to go first and then to find out you’ve gone EIGHTH and not only that, you’ve gone eighth to the Pittsburgh Pirates who only have a quarter of what Houston had to offer you, money wise, and who have a recent legacy of losing in magnitudes unseen before in professional sports.

Through your agent, you released a terse statement about focusing on finals and that afterwards you will consider your “possible” pro career. You refused to do a conference call with Pittsburgh media. That didn’t go over well. Maybe you’re not, but it seems to us that you’re pouting about what happened.

But here’s the thing. The moment is passed. The decision was made. That Thing happened. You’re standing just beyond the Y in the road and you wanted to go left, but someone behind you shoved you to the right and it’s a one-way street so there’s no turning back now. You can only go forward or you can loop around and start all the way back at the beginning, risking an injury in your senior year and hoping you go higher in the draft next year.

But here’s the reason for my letter: You can go forward with a scowl on your face and a bad attitude about what happened at that Y, or you can go forward with a realization that the big picture still exists. You can go forward with a bit of optimism that maybe, just maybe, Pittsburgh is where you’re supposed to be, even if you will be a few million poorer because of it at first.

I have a thing I say … every bad thing that happens in life will eventually bring you to exactly where you’re meant to be. It is the churchiest, truthiest thing in my life. That guy I wept over in my twenties? Thank God that didn’t work out! That job I thought I desperately wanted? Whew! The fire that burnt our restaurant? SO much good has come from it.

So a bad thing happened to you. I get it. But buck up and stop pouting because while we Pittsburghers love our sports stars, we have little tolerance for people who won’t even give us a once-over before deciding we’re not worth it.

Let me promise you this. If you continue on this path you were shoved down and you end up signing with Pittsburgh and you become a Pirate one day, and you jog out to that mound in the center of PNC Park on a warm, beautiful evening for the first time, surrounded by the lights and skyline of a city with something to offer you, you will be embraced in a way no other cities’ fans would do, because that’s what we do here in Pittsburgh. We see that thing that we are lucky to have and we grab it and celebrate it and give thanks for it because maybe that thing — that McCutchen, that Alvarez, that Burnett — is the thing that is going to bring us back to the Glory of Roberto because we are so. Close.

You will become our neighbor and our friend and we will pull for you like we are watching our own son at his first MLB game. Because as cliche as it is … as cheesy as it is … as Partridge Family-nerdy as it is, we are family.

How dorky is that? Some, but it’s true.

You’ll be a part of the Pittsburgh family — the family of Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Roberto Clemente, Franco Harris — and you’ll probably come to love it and cherish it and you’ll find a ton of sports heroes who will tell you what a cool thing that is — athletes who chose to stay here long after their star of sports glory faded.

Just don’t talk to Jaromir Jagr, dude.

That guy died alive here.

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Mister Rogers Winners!

(Benjamin Wagner filming in Pittsburgh)

I selected three winners via Two will receive autographed copies of both the Mister Rogers & Me DVD and the Mister Rogers & Me soundtrack CD which is full of Benjamin Wagner’s own music.

Those winners are Lee in Irwin who commented:

I remember when he won the lifetime achievement award from the daytime Emmys and they played the clip of Mister Rogers with Jeff Erlanger from 1980 – Jeff is a physically disabled boy in a wheelchair – they sang ‘it’s you I like” – and when the clip was over, the now adult Jeff came onstage – and Mister Rogers, foregoing all decorum, ran up on stage to hug him…… Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel…….

And I liked when he fed his fish during the show….I miss him…

And Kristy who commented:

I always loved watching him feed the fish.

I would love to watch this documentary. I think of Mister Rogers as something of a spiritual influence on my life. My youngest son was born on March 20 this year–Mister Rogers’ birthday. I hope maybe he’ll help guide my son throughout his life. :)

The third winner will receive MY copy of Mister Rogers & Me, which is not autographed but I wanted to give it away so someone else could watch the documentary as well. That goes to Kris who commented:

I was able to meet Mr. Rogers as an adult when he spoke at a conference I attended. I agree with Robin above he was such a kind and gentle man.

Winners have been emailed to claim their prizes. If you didn’t win, you can buy the documentary on DVD or iTunes by clicking here.

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