Update on the kids and their stars

Programming note: WTRT? Yes. I’m writing one and it will be up later. Because … poop.


Ali’s list on Friday:

Ali’s list as of last night: 

Let’s get those other kids some scholarships for Haitian Families First’s school in Haiti! Details here. And thanks and hugs and pumpkin spice lattes to those of you who have stepped up already.

This is my child; the one I really wanted. Ylionise, the little girl Jamie brought to Florida for heart surgery. She’s older and bigger now and will be learning preschool level stuff, but again, THOSE EYES.

Someday I’ll go to Haiti with Jamie and Ali or Meet Tassy, who helped save her life too, and I’ll hug her.


  1. Holly
    September 10, 2012 12:57 pm

    I got #21-John! He looks mischievous just like me! http://yfrog.com/nugzkxej

  2. Monty
    September 10, 2012 1:49 pm

    I got Bradley who, incidentally, looks cooler than the other side of the pillow.

  3. Herbie
    September 10, 2012 2:45 pm

    If any of you would like to help Ali cross some more kids off that list, but don’t want to put forth the entire $180, please contact me. I have a few people that are looking to donate a portion of the cost. 9 people at $20= 1 sponsored child. Also, which one of you is going to step up and split the cost of a sponsorship with me? Let’s change the life of a child and send them to school this year!

    herbie.pallotta at gmail.com

  4. Michelle
    September 10, 2012 3:53 pm

    How long does it take to get the name of a kid after you donate?

  5. Angela
    September 10, 2012 5:39 pm

    Esteven! Who likes to run fast. I coach Cross Country and coached track for years, so this excites me! =)

  6. Holl
    September 10, 2012 8:26 pm

    Only three more to go!!!

  7. empirechick
    September 11, 2012 12:15 am

    #26 Asheley – same age as my niece, and they both like writing. Plus, you can see how smart she is!